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Tempest: Pirate Action RPG - 1/7/20 - $3.99


Today’s deal is Tempest: Pirate Action RPG!





Psst! Hey! Avast there! Yes, aye, you! No, stop looking behind you, I’m literally talking to YOU. No, ugh, stop looking overboard, I’m up here. No, higher…higher…all the way up the ol’ mast there. Yep! Big eyes indeed, for I am a talking skull on the old flag there. Aye, just a crude drawing of a smiling fleshless head. Some call me Davy Jones, but that’s legally troubling now thanks to some other pirate crew led by some mouse, so most people just stick with my other name, Jolly Roger.

Anyhow, I sees you’re keen to buy a copy of this here Tempest consdierin’ it’s just 4 pieces of eight, but let me warn ye: The moment ya do, it’ll be too late to alter course, mateys…and there be plundering pirates, scarier and stronger than any you’ve seen in your play movies and amusements, lurking in every cove, on three separate continents waitin’ to board. Go where you like, but know these deadly men are lusting for your blood, matey, and the real non-IP-related Davy Jones awaits those that don’t heed these warnings.

So maybe trick a friend or two into accepting the curse with you since its multiplayer, make sure and sit closer together, and keep your ruddy hands inboard. That be the best way to repel boarders. And mark well me words, mateys…wait, am I just doing the Disney thing again? What the hell is wrong with me? It’s like they own the IDEA of pirates now! Boy, you out there in the future are screwed, matey. I’m literally the soul of piracy on the ocean and even I was never like, “what if I owned the rights to ALL art?”. Anyway, Tempest is four bucks, grab it if ye dare, and hit the seven seas running, because if you don’t…you’ll die!

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I feel like for today’s’s description, Alex decided to embed Murray into a flag.