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Team Sonic Racing™ - 12/21/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Team Sonic Racing™!



The official trailer for Team Sonic Racing™:

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I already own this game, it’s great, so I gave the link to a friend to buy it and he’s saying the key can’t be redeemed in the UK… Any update on this?


@lonin @dusty @Ernin8t0r

@LemmingRuss send an email to; they’ll sort u out


Will do, thank you.



I hope they work this out for you hon.

Sorry to say but since my daughter wanted this for herself and a friend in Canada, I clicked on the order screen:

Note: This game CANNOT be redeemed in these countries.

and the United Kingdom is one of the countries listed. However, Canada isn’t.

I received my receipt but immediately afterwards an error message arrived:

We’ve run into an issue retrieving the key(s) you purchased for Team Sonic Racing™

I have heard they are great at Customer Service. I hope that is true.


It is true! At least I think so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We’ve been having some problems with the cloud, so I’m going to try to get back to as many people as possible today but there’s a possibility that I may not get a chance to respond to ya. Don’t worry! We’re not ignoring y’all or ghosting, it’s just the weekend so its harder to respond. Everyone will get a response by Monday the latest :slight_smile:


Just so everyone is aware, Chrono does have exceptional Customer Service.

I’ve received the Steam Keys and my daughter and her friend are overjoyed.

Thanks for the quick response and I hope your cloud problems em clear up quickly. :rofl:

Now I can get on with my life and hopefully you can soon get on with yours.

Happy weekend and all the joys of the season.


The best version is . I have spoken :wink:


Kicks E-mail.

I was waiting for this deal! Stupid E-mail! What have you done with the newsletter to notify me?! Sigh…

And no, the newsletter system is working fine. I just didn’t receive yesterday’s (all others arrive just fine, including today’s), and it’s likely my E-mail randomly ignoring it, much like two-step authentication E-mails… And no, it’s not in my spam either.


Message @lonin or @frst or @Ernin8t0r…Sometimes magic happens…:hugs:


Hahah nah it’s all good. I got the game from the Steam Winter Sale, but I would’ve gotten another one as a gift key for a friend (who now bought it from Steam as well). I’ll support on a future deal. There’s always a game I’m looking forward to, and they secure appealing discounts.

I’m particularly waiting for to secure the one from Jackbox Games… So I’ll definitely buy from again soon.