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Tardy - 2/28/19 - $5


Today’s deal is Tardy!





Look, we’re all gamers here, right? Like, we game? Yeah? And because we’re constantly gaming, we know all the little tropes that have developed over the years, like that water levels suck and that when you see an NPC talking to you from behind glass they’re probably going to get killed, but today we’re here to salute a lesser known one. Today we’re here to pay tribute to all the architects, designers, and ancient civilizations who not only built the location where the game was set, but who are also popularly known to be “fond of puzzles”, and reflect that in their work.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a crazy police station/art museum with an impossibly huge research base underneath or an ancient South American temple filled with traps and treasure, these brave civic engineers not only took the initiative to express their favorite hobby through their creative output, but also repeatedly flew in the face of good sense to produce something so much more whimsical than was originally required, probably to their own professional detriment. But honestly, without them, video games would have so much less cool puzzling, and that’s good enough for us.

And honestly, that’s what today’s game is all about. Someone who loved puzzles built a spaceship, and you wake up in it with no idea how you got there. Sure, it would probably be better if everything you needed on board was clearly explained to passengers instead of hidden behind a complex chain of point-and-click solutions, and it’s unbelievable that a ship of this design would pass any sort of safety inspection, but without a dank mystery and fun stuff to do, it wouldn’t be amazing hear that it’s on sale today for just five bucks now, would it? So hats off to you, weird puzzle-obsessed builders-of-things, it’s your bizarre eccentricity that helps makes gaming what it is today.

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