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Tangledeep - 1/8/19 - $9.50


Today’s deal is Tangledeep!





So first of all, let’s get one thing out of the way: Tangledeep is a great name for the giant and constantly shifting maze that’s separated us from the world above for hundreds of years. In fact, it’s so good at doing that, we’ve forgotten what it was even like to be up there. Doesn’t that sound depressing? It kinda is, right? No doubt it’s a great setting for a video game, especially with composers like Grant Kirkhope, Norihiko Hibino, Andrew Aversa, and Hiroki Kikuta, but to us, the bigger question is, how the heck did this happen in the first place?

Like, what would it honestly take do you think for the entirety of humanity to go fully underground? We haven’t played through the whole game yet so we don’t know the real answer, but if I was an adventurer trying to kill my way through twenty floors of a maze that constantly reorganizes itself and shifts stuff around, the closer I got to the end, the more scared I’d be of whatever’s on the other side of it. It’s like the tootsie-pop of roguelike mazes, except there’s no owl, and instead of chocolate, it’s a demon.

So what was it? An evil lord? Some supernatural beast? Disease? Really smelly farts? The fact is, there’s no way to find out until you head out into Tangledeep yourself. With this beautiful 16-bit art and incredible music, it was already a steal at fifteen bucks, but now that it’s 37% off, it’s like, not even funny. Buy the game, find out the answers I seek, beat it, tweet at us. Let us know how it came to this. @chronodeals. Just sayin’.

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This is a really good game, proper roguelike. There’s plenty of interesting character classes that plays mechanically different and a monster breeding program that creates lasting progress across characters. It also has some amazing music that reminds of the old SNES greats.