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SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising - 4/30/19 - $7.99


Today’s deal is SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising!





Well, congratulations, Mr. Kaida.

Ah! Well, congratulations to you too, Mr. Kaida.

Truly, we must be gods to the robots now, their holy creators. They certainly seem smart enough, Mr. Kaida.

Indeed, Mr. Kaida! But did you ever for a MOMENT think back in science class, when we made that arm that could pick up the egg without breaking it, that a mere 35 years later, our very own robotic creations would form their own “Machine Legion” to wage war on humanity?

I mean, if it wasn’t so scary, I’d finally throw a party…but who’s to say two robotics geniuses with the same mom can’t enjoy a nice bottle of champagne at the top of their megabase, Mr Kaida?

Certainly not me, Mr. Kaida! Did you see how efficiently our babies were able to rout those government troops that came to bug us this morning? I’m going to be picking pieces of them out from between cracks in the floor for ages, methinks!

Mmmm…yessss, Mr. Kaida…

Oh, but-Mr Kaida! I’ve just had the most awful thought!

What is it, Mr. Kaida?

What if someone IS able to topple the Machine Legion? We’ll be pilloried!

Of course we will, Mr. Kaida, but the only known entity who would even have a CHANCE is that half-human half-android prototype we made years ago, and as you can see here on my see-thru tablet, he is currently…oh.

He’s currently what, Mr. Kaida? Don’t leave me in suspense like this!

Well, it seems the android has…escaped…and he’s fighting his way up here from the first floor…

…HAHAHAHA! We’ll be fine, right, Mr. Kaida?

Oh p’shaw! I’m sure we will be! I’m…totally sure of it…


Oh who am I kidding! Hold me, Mr. Kaida!

No, you hold me!

No, you hold me…wait, which of us is which?

I’m the one who suggested we have champagne, Mr Kaida. Do you accept!

Of course, Mr. Kaida. Of course…

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This matches the lowest SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $7.99 on Fanatical

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


For those of you on the fence, you can chek out SYNTHETIK: Arena, a free to play standalone expansion. It will give you a good feel of the game’s mechanics.If you end up liking it, you’ll be itching to get this one.

STEAM store page:

Store description:

Face the varied challenges of the Machine God Zir in ARENA, a standalone expansion for Synthetik: Legion Rising! Leverage the next level in gun-play and experiment with powerful tech in varied action packed Arenas!