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Syberia Bundle - 12/1/19 - $3.99


Today’s deal is Syberia Bundle!

The Syberia Bundle includes:



Let’s face it: the world makes you feel dumb as hell all the time. There’s always some form you didn’t sign, or some thing you didn’t read in the instructions, or maybe you just said something incredibly insulting to someone you truly care about without realizing it. This is the curse of getting older is that the more things you learn are wrong and bad, the harder it is not to constantly worry about it all the time. It kinda sucks. That’s why some of us drink beer.

However! If you decide to purchase this three-game Syberia collection today from us here on the best purple and yellow website that’s not about basketball or throwing beads at titties, we can’t promise for sure that you’ll fall in love with these beautiful games and their absolutely engrossing story and world, but what we can do is swear to GOD that the moment you start solving these incredibly intricate puzzles, you’ll feel like a bigger genius than that time Einstein took the first tongue-out selfie.

So please, fellow idiot, damned to walk the Earth for the rest of our days feeling like there’ll always be someone better than us at everything, spend that measly FOUR DOLLARS for ALL THREE GAMES (you don’t have to be a genius to see that’s less than one dollar per game), and soon, you’ll be on the fast track to feeling like, as Muldoon from John Hammond’s failed dinosaur zoo island would say, a “clever girl”. It’s worth it, if you haven’t heard of these games before they’re genuine classics, and it’ll finally help you stop thinking about that time you grabbed a stranger’s leg instead of your mom’s leg at the store that one time 25 years ago.

The official trailer for Syberia 3:

Our favorite Steam reviews for Syberia 3:

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Say what!? Mega sweet deal. O_O. I already own all 3 - 1 & 2 were offered as freebies a whole lot while they were making the third game. Got the third lately with a trader friend too.

Anyways!! Syberia 1 is an awesome game! It’s beautiful, not timers, challenging puzzles and Kate is a strong MC. There’s a good bit of back and forth tracking to do but eh, the scenery is such that you can stand and stare at an area, just for the sheer joy of it.

A great buy for those who adore automatons and cool looking mechanical inventions.

Caveat: I played the first with a friend (for double the puzzle solving brain power) on her Steam. Syberia 2 and 3 yet unplayed because ‘potato’ system.

Also, for whatever reason the 3rd game didn’t get a lot of love when it was first out, maybe it got improved: idk. No matter how you cut it, the price is right. Cheers.


Are these separate keys???


This game gets my recommendation too, while the story is a little lacking in, well… sense, the world is so weird and mysterious just trying to find out what’s going on is highly engaging. Some times a game is very well carried by it’s art style and comprehensive vision for it’s world aesthetics, though if you’re not fond of point & Click adventure games I don’t think this one will win you over.


Anybody here played the 3rd game, is the bundle worth getting just for it? I owned the first two on cds, then bought them on Steam, and they are still among my favorite point-and-clicks\adventures on PC. But the story was finished in Syberia II, and from the trailers & russian reviews, the 3rd part looks like a hot mess.


That’s was I heard. Story really done in the 2nd game? Pity… I wanted the 3rd for ‘completion’ though, since I adored the first one. Syberia 3 was bundled by Fanatical at least once this year.

If you didn’t already own the first two, I’d say a definite yes to this package for all 3 games - worth it.


How the heck did I get these games in three different platforms (one per platform)? Anyway, if you want an “all in one place a la Steam” experience instead of an “oops I screwed up buying them individually experience”, please do get this bundle. It is VERY cheap and believe me, the original price is worth it which makes the Chrono deal even better.

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