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Swag and Sorcery - 8/29/19 - $7.49


Today’s deal is Swag and Sorcery!





The king bounded down the steps to the tune of the many lutes plucking out his favorite jams on the veranda. At the bottom of the stairs was his wine butler, ready with a brass toothpick to remove anything from the king’s teeth that might impact the taste of the beautiful flagon he was about to no doubt bolt down in less than six minutes. “Hello, Margaret! Thank you again for being here each morning! It’s like a magic trick everyday!”

“The name is Austin, sir, and it’s not so much a magic trick as it is me getting up at five in the morning every day.”

“Is that right?”

“Don’t worry, sir. You pay me well.”

“Ah yes, quite right…now where are my morning turkeys!” He clapped his hands quickly, like the speed of his fingers and palms slapping into each other would summon his servants even more quickly. Sure enough, within 30 seconds, a man in fancy tights and a doublet came skidding around the corner on the carpet.

“Good morning, sire! As always your turkeys are out on the lawn awaiting your selection for this morning’s meal, but…you also told me to remind you whenever you’re not wearing clothes when it seems like you should be.”

The king started patting his body, as if his nakedness was somehow hiding his outfit between the folds of fat and skin hanging off his bones. “What! What! Well where is my suitsman?” He clapped again, and this time, though no one was learned enough to know what it was, his hands made a sonic boom. The suitsman appeared on an upstairs balcony, so far away and small even you, the reader, had to crane your neck to hear him properly.

“Your suit’s missing, sire! Looked all over, and we can’t find it!”

The king was confused. “What did he say? My suit is MISSING?”

Austin leapt into action. “W-well, no worries sire! Heh! Heh! We’ll just do what we always do!”

“And what’s that?”


The king wouldn’t hear of it. He stomped his feet and cried out like a mama elephant. “Non-SENSE Margaret! I’m the KING aren’t I”

“Y-yes sir!”

“Then let’s do it right! Find someone to start a whole new village, where slowly but surely through many quests, heroes will eventually level up and be able to recover my holy suit!”

“Very well sir, but if I may, that suit isn’t so much holy as it is very expensive. You only bought it last week, remem-”


“It’s…Austin, sir. But yes, of course.”

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This is the lowest Swag and Sorcery has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $8.40 on GamesPlanet FR

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Guys, I come to for the chance to find a game deal for interesting games that’s curated. How does a crap clicker game get to be your daily deal? Is this just all you could find or something?