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Surviving Mars - 2/8/19 - $13.94


Today’s deal is Surviving Mars!





There’s been a lot of talk about what’s really out there on Mars, and honestly, if reality was anything like Surviving Mars, a game which we’re selling today for over 50% off, a lot of those mysteries would wrap up real quick, which is simultaneously awesome and sad, because as much as I love getting answers to long-held questions, it’s Saturday, you know? And to us, the weekend especially is a sacred time of magic and wonder, so let’s talk about the photos NASA keeps taking, right?

First off, there’s the classic face. You’ve probably seen this one. It’s from 1976 on the Viking 1 mission, it’s from the region of Mars called Cydonia, made famous by alternate universe Coldplay/rock and roll band Muse, and it looks like a mask one of those grey bug eyed aliens might have left behind. Now granted, this one is widely disproven, and is actually better described as a huge pile of rocks that looked like a face one time when the Sun hit it in 1976, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, baby!

In Surviving Mars, they promise handcrafted mysteries in the style of Asimov and Burroughs, and while we haven’t played enough to spoil them for ya, we can speculate that they may have something to do with some of the OTHER weird photos taken of Mars, like the various statues they appear to have found, some of which that look Egyptian, or the dots they found in 2016 that look like they might be in morse code, or these weird spheroids they found in an area called Kirkwood that NASA actually called “puzzling”. Or maybe they’ll use none of it! But hey! Got your mind racing, didn’t it? Cool. Now go buy the game.

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Stop, please, I can’t buy anymore Paradox games and you’re tempting me! :sleepy: