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Supraland - 3/11/19 - $5.50


Today’s deal is Supraland!





Kid 1: Daaaaad! Come on, dad! Won’t you tell us where we’re goin’? I just want to play video games!

Dad: Yeah, that’s where we’re going.

Kid 1: Ooh! Really? Cause I really want something like Mario to play, that’d be really fun…

Dad: Yup, that’s where we’re going.

Kid 2: What? Mario? Mario’s lame! More like Sorry-O! Gimme something like Portal! Now THAT’S a video game!

Dad: Uh-huh, that’s where we’re going!

Kid 3: Aw, come on, Dad! That’s not fair! Portal is for nerds who are afraid of adventure! Gimme some Zelda to play! That’ll do it!

Dad: Yes, son! Don’t worry! That’s EXACTLY where we’re going!

Kid 1: Wait, okay, Dad. What’s the deal, here? We keep asking for totally different types of games, and it just seems like to be non-confrontational you keep agreeing with whatever the last thing anyone said! Like, what if I changed my mind and said I want Metroid now? Then what?

Dad: Then I would take a second to think and then agree that yeah, that’s literally where we’re headed, son!

Kid 2: So where the hell are we going then? And stop treating me like a toddler, I’m 20 years old!

Dad: Ugh, fine! It was SUPPOSED to be a surprise, but we’re headed to Supraland!


Dad: Well, it’s all those games you wanted mixed together, so all of you can have fun, all for the low low price of $5.50! How ‘bout that?

Kid 3: Sounds awesome, even though it was weird you were keeping mum!

Dad: Yeah? You guys excited?


Dad: Great!

Kid 1: Ooh! And maybe after, we can go get some Hometown Buffet for dinner?

Dad: Ew, hell no. That place is gross.

The official trailer for Supraland

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This is the lowest Supraland has ever been discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $5.99 on Steam.

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


Bought it because it seemed a good deal, but I didn’t notice that the purchase gave 0 bonus coins. I wouldn’t have bought it if I had noticed it before because I think the coin system is not encouraging customers over other people who only farm the free coins via daily and bonus chests.


It’s never worked like that. Result = User Error.


What I don’t understand is that if you bought it because you were interested in the game at it’s lowest historical price, why that wouldn’t be enough?


Actually it has, and the site shows that I too would get 0 coins out of it if I were to buy today’s deal. It’s definitely a site error as there’s no way for a user to somehow opt out of coins. It was fixed last time though and coins were awarded later.


i can’t remember if it actually used to say on the frontpage if day’s deal gives bonus coin? :thinking:
or if so/not, if it’s a bug today’s sale didn’t (i think i recall it happening once before where it was a temporary glitch, unsure) -maybe the keepers of the mysterious realm can elaborate for today’s deal @Ernin8t0r @lonin ?


Looks super cool, but my library is still far from played-through and I do fear motion sickness in this sooo I’ll wait till I happen to aquire it via bundles/trades


Thanks for the heads up. Send us an email at and we’ll get it sorted out. The sale should now correctly be awarding coins on purchase.


PS, looks like the bonus coins was fixed now
so if you want your 55coins retroactively (in case it wasn’t added to your coin wallet) suggest sending Chrono support an email to -and i’m sure @Ernin8t0r will sort you out

edit lol, @frst literally came in first with a reply right before me that i didn’t notice :sweat_smile:


i also totally grabbed this game btw (not to test for bonus coins working tho)
looks real neat Chrono, didn’t know this thing existed :+1:


Yeah game looks really interesting, I’ll be adding it to my list of games to look out for. Might be a worthwhile purchase once it’s good done and ready.


if things fall to place, i sorta plan on playing a couple of hours tonight,
might then even be able to share if my initial impressions make it an overall worthwhile 5bucks -if nothing else at least “to me”,


I’ve already explained it in my comment, but you forgot to quote that.

Spending $5.50 on the store = 55 coins, clicking on the daily chest without buying anything (even on dupe accounts) = 20~30 coins per day. I didn’t say that the daily deal wasn’t good, it’s just that I think “loyal customers” aren’t awarded as many coins as they would deserve (versus a never-buying-anything user), and if it ever got to the point of giving 0 coins when you’re actually spending money on the site, I wouldn’t support that.

It’s OK since it was a glitch, the coins didn’t show up in my account so I’ll have to e-mail support (thanks @Gnuffi and @Fraggles).


I didn’t forget to quote it…the Chrono coin system isn’t to encourage you to buy the daily deal…the deal price does that. The coin system is encouraging you to visit the site to see the deal. The coin shop games (aside from a few notable exceptions) have never been of the same tier of quality as the main daily offerings so to have your purchase decided upon by a few bonus coins as opposed to the value proposition on offer of the main game seems strange to me.


yea i think it’s well worth my 5 bucks, gotten a fair bit of enjoyment out of it already, and with all the exploring and collecting i see myself getting a fair bit more :blush:
it’s cute, simply and silly, and i’m having a fun time letting the kid in me loose for a bit with this :yum:
-not regretting my purchase the slightest :+1:


At what level of completion would you say it looks to be?
If the devs abandoned it today would it still stand as a reasonable game or are there obvious flaws that would be left unaddressed?


i don’t think i’m very far (31% achievements -with a decent chunk of main line left)
but so far what i’ve seen, mind you that’s from deliberate attempts to get places i probably shouldn’t, we are talking minor clipping here and there when you do stuff, being able to skip barriers, ai enemy beeing easy to abuse(tho might just be part of the game -not being very hard), some borked textures a few places maybe(again i should probably not have been half the positions i was in :joy:)
-i haven’t encountered anything i’d even consider an actual “bug” that affected my gameplay so far.
It looks pretty much done for what i’ve seen, people even seem to be able to 100% it, the npc’s and items seem to work and spawn proper (restarted/loaded several times just to check)
Dev even seem to answered someone that bought it off chrono that it’s pretty near completion it seems, with only minor detail changes left

So far when i haven’t been trying to leap walls or cliff barriers the game has been pretty smooth and childishly enjoyable
-to where i consider my 5$ got a decent value :yum:


Shakes fist at @Gnuffi Dang you, @Gnuffi.

I got it too. :crazy_face:


well i think it’s cute, and not a bad purchase/value offer/deal at all for a collection to try out
-but then again i also had an immense enjoyable time with A hat in time, Mini Ninjas etc "recently"
sometimes (imo) it’s just fun to relax and play something super casual to let that inner 8yo out with those cutesy, silly and simple games :blush:


My personal gripe is that if the developer calls it a Metroidvania, and it’s not a Metroidvania…well, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.