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SUPERHOT - 7/11/20 - $9.99


Today’s deal is SUPERHOT!





Bang. You’re in your bedroom, sitting up in bed. The world turns with you as you move your head, and as you slowly shoot your hand toward the alarm clock, the beeping slows to a crawl, like the speaker hit puberty. Suddenly, there’s someone in the doorway. It’s your mom. She chucks something at you and you move your body to dodge it like a walrus in The Matrix. Frozen in midair, you can see it’s a cereal bar, and at the last second, you open your mouth wide and catch it between your teeth. Super. Hot.

Bang. You’re sitting at your desk. You slowly lift open your laptop screen to stop an oncoming ninja star. Even as the metallic chunks splinter and twist away, the screen pops on like a lantern, and with a slow motion James Earl Jones voice, it says “Youuuuuuu’ve gotttttt maaaaaayyyyuuuuullllll.” Yeah. That’s right. In this scenario you’re still using AOL. Time’s not the only thing that’s moving slowly. Just as you see the email is from Chrono, and that SUPERHOT is on sale today for nine bucks, your dad comes running in, trying to stop you from hitting that buy button, but you clip him with a flying coffee cup and he goes down. Super. Hot. Super. Hot.

Bam! Suddenly everyone is buying SUPERHOT; Slow motion fingers on slow motion keys. As we play, we all move closer to the giant tower housing the core, except now the doors say “Chrono.” In a small office near the boiler room, you peek around the corner to see a hairy, smelly dude sitting at his desk writing ad copy. “Oh shit. You’re here.” He turns towards you and opens fire with an Uzi. You smash his face in with an ashtr-

The official trailer for SUPERHOT:

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I’ve only heard good things, and this seems like a unique FPS. Got it activated, have yet to try it. That one’s on my to-play list.


I’d say it’s not even an FPS. It’s really a puzzle game at it’s core.


Here’s a review from @DownwardConcept:

Speaking of…LTNS @DownwardConcept :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

I don’t know if this includes Chrono>>>>

Who is eligible for a free copy of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE?
You’re eligible for a free copy of MCD if you purchased SUPERHOT before the 16th of July 2020 for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games Store, Origin, or GOG. This does not extend to major free giveaways like Twitch Prime, Games With Gold, and similar. This also does not apply if you only own SUPERHOT VR and not the original SUPERHOT.


Also, for anyone with a VR set, the game PAAAALES in comparison to the VR version. The VR version is one of the best VR games that has ever and ever will be made, it’s just perfect for it. Dodging bullets in VR like you’re friggin’ Neo from Matrix feels like nothing else.
Sure, the non-VR version is fine and all. But compared to VR it almost becomes a joke. You can’t bend over around bullets etc. It’s just … lacking.


It’s really both an FPS and a puzzle game, which is the unique part


How can I redeem my free copy if I purchased SUPERHOT as a Steam Key (on Humble, or any other third party storefront)?
A free copy of MIND CONTROL DELETE will be added automatically to your Steam library immediately after the release, ready to download and enjoy. No need to do anything on the storefront you used for your original purchase. It won’t hurt to go and wishlist it while you wait though

It does! So if you buy Superhot now, you’ll get 2 games in 1 sale and support cool devs (I actually know one of the devs by myself, as Superhot the company is from the Polish city of Lodz, which is where I grew up, so I know they’re cool firsthand)


I’ll just leave this here:
Warning: Video contains profanity.