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Streets of Red : Devil's Dare Deluxe - 3/7/20 - $5.99


Today’s deal is the Streets of Red : Devil’s Dare Deluxe!





Somewhere in the magical land that exists just past the veil of our imagination, where all our good ideas come from, is a one inch thick binder sitting abandoned on a bench to the side of some dreamlike elementary school playground we can all collectively picture in our minds eye because we’ve all been there before. No one is walking the halls, but you’re not sure if it’s quiet just because class is in session, or if there’s actually ever anyone here at all. Someone has ripped all the plastic off the front and back of the binder like a savage, at the very least.

But when you glance at the binder again, your eyes change. You recognize the drawings left behind on the cover in pen. You remember how it was to be young and to create your own characters, these ones are from a zombie apocalypse, and it touches the part of your brain that knows what’s fun, and makes it ask, what else, master? And suddenly, the drawings on the front of the binder and famous games from your childhood begin to merge.

A story begins to form about fighting zombies with retro video game abilities and power-ups, and the drawings almost look like they’re moving, and suddenly, your tongue starts moving, and your mouth forms the words, and you say “Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe”, and you finally make your way up and out of this imaginary place, and when you get back to reality, the game is already real, and cheap, so you buy it, and here you are about to play it, just like you imagined when you drew it on your folder all those years ago…

The official trailer for the Streets of Red : Devil’s Dare Deluxe:

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We fight the Internet in this game? Oh boy that won’t be easy.

Also, kind of funny seeing a Switch trailer for a Steam key. Heheh!