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Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection - 12/24/18 - $25


Today’s deal is Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection!





Hey everybody, Chrono here with the noble goal of providing you 12 different Street Fighter games at a price where you’re paying about two bucks per game! That’s right, on Christmas Eve, we’ve got the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on sale.

HOWEVER, as a PSA, you should know that this version does NOT include the imaginary Holiday DLC Costumes we made up, and that if they WERE real, you’d have to pay extra for the pack, which includes:

-The Ryu outfit where he’s dressed like that weird dickhead from Die Hard who tries to negotiate with the terrorists.
-The Chun-Li outfit where it’s kind of like a sexy unlicensed Elf on a Shelf.
-The Ken outfit where he’s shirtless on top and both his legs are the lamp from a Christmas Story.
-The Blanka outfit where he’s just a big green bottle of brandy.
-The Zangief outfit where he’s mostly dressed like the grassy lawn of the Overlook Hotel but his head looks like a frozen Jack Torrance.
-The Dhalsim outfit where he’s dressed like Turboman’s sidekick booster.
-The Balrog outfit where he’s dressed as Max from the 2018 version of The Grinch.
-The Vega outfit where he’s just a dude in a cable knit sweater but his mask is Judge Reinhold from The Santa Clause
-The M. Bison outfit where we just dressed him as a weird Christmas-y Mussolini.

The official trailer for Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection:

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