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STRAFE: Millennium Edition - 6/17/19 - $3.50


Today’s deal is STRAFE: Millennium Edition!





Hi there, I know it seems crazy, but most of what you know about technology and computers is wrong. Sorry, just is. In point of fact, the type of stuff you see in Tron and Wreck-It Ralph is much more accurate, and if you don’t believe me, then hooey on you, cause my name is Slim, I’m a video game janitor, and until today, I thought it was a pretty easy job, you know? You go out, you go into the levels that are already beaten, and you clean them out so the next player can play. Sometimes you’ll miss a spot or something, sure, but eventually you memorize it, and bing bang boom, Tron’s your uncle. (Tron is not my actual uncle.)

But then I got assigned to Strafe, and now I want to die. It’s wild, y’all. People blowing up all kinds of weird-lookin’ low-poly 90’s PC monsters out here that are absolutely FILLED with blood and guts, which is normally fine, but if you read the Steam page, you’ll see that this game actually PRIDES itself on the gore not automatically fading away as you play. And if you look at the sheer number of messed up weapons you can use to mulch these bad boys up, I’ll probably be cleaning up after this game for the rest of my life.

And you know what’s even more screwed up? Do you know what a freaking roguelike is? Number one, it means that dying and starting from the beginning is baked into the game, which means I have to clean and reset the WHOLE GAME regularly for ALL PLAYERS, and number two, the rooms and objectives are completely randomized each time, so I’ll never ever EVER get my bearings. What ever happened to Goldeneye 007, you know? Drag a few bodies, sponge a few walls, and you’re done! Now I’m doing 10 times the work for less! I tell ya, man…Slim don’t get no respect…

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This is the lowest STRAFE: Millennium Edition has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $3.74 on Steam.

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I have 20 friends who have this. We need some feedback here…


Slim sounds like he hasn’t worked his job very long. Have you seen Killing Floor 2?


Now if you would bring us Dusk for that price i would be in!


I own this, it’s INCREDIBLY hard. Like, really really unforgivingly hard. But satisfying when you beat a level! But I’m also not great at shooters, nor did I feel like putting another 100 hours into it, but I put the first 100 hours in just to beat zone 1 and most of zone 2, (even made it to zone 3 once!). Got pretty decent at beating zone 1 (more than 50% success rate) but was still trying to find an optimal path/method of beating the enemies in zone 2 consistently. It definitely has a ‘90s FPS vibe, high frame rate and smooth with no screen tearing or stuttering so I appreciate that.

It’s semi-procedurally generated, so by that I mean the idea of a zone is preserved, but the exact layout and location of things is not going to be the same. Like, you will need to find a head (either scientist’s or engineer’s) to unlock a door in zone 1, but that head could be in a lot of different locations. And enemies will spawn differently so it’s better to know how to deal with the type of enemy rather than trying to memorize a layout.

Also, sometimes the game is just really damn unforgiving. Not saying I’m good, but come on, I used to play a lot of Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and even if I didn’t win I’d still walk away with a positive K/D/A most games so 100+ hours of practice on a specific shooter should get me up to speed on its style, flow, gunplay, etc. Most of which is good, but since there are no saves or checkpoints, you die and restart. Also you will have to wiki how upgrades work, it is not intuitive and will drive you insane trying to efficiently spend resources when you find vending machine things. I watched speedruns, but those guys are the 1% of the 1% so it was both fascinating and humiliating to see them breeze through sections I had struggled on.

My TL;DR would be this - if you love DIFFICULT, or SPEEDRUN style first-person SHOOTERS and don’t mind dying lots and restarting, this is a great price for a good game. It’s just really hard. Good luck!


I’ve played about 8 hours of this game, which is probably not enough to really judge such kind of game, but I loved every minute of it. It’s not that I even got close to beating it or that I got bored… It’s just when I started to play Dead Cells and I kinda regret not getting back to it.

It’s not your typical Rogue-like FPS, because it has pretty unique twists, but for those a bit later. There’s plenty of controversy around this game, which I find to be completely wrong or unjustified in general, but might be my old school glasses talking instead of me :slight_smile:

As what you might expect… tough game and for only 8 hours I can vouch it’s harder than let’s say WASTED or Ziggurat for sure. Procedurally generated = tons of replayability.
There’s decent variety of enemies, but I haven’t encountered a boss fight yet, or at least as far as I remember (not sure, because it was a while ago).
You have 3 starting weapons for which you get ammo and that’s part of the big twist they went for. You have shotgun, machine gun and a railgun starting choice. Every other weapon that’s dropped comes with only it’s own magazine and you can’t resupply it with ammo. This is pretty interesting concept, because there is pretty good variety of weapons and you would want to save them for the right situations.
One thing I find really appealing is the movement mechanic. They went for the CPMA quake 3 movement mechanics, which means you increase your speed (to insane levels) by strafe jumping and alternating left and right mouse (camera) movements while having the air control turning. This makes the game really fast if you know what you are doing. It’s hand down the fastest regarding the movement Rogue FPS I’ve tried.

The levels are broken into worlds with sub levels… the fixed shop locations and what not. Weapon upgrades can go pretty deep - changing how your starting weapon plays DRASTICALLY!

Well you see them so I suppose not much to mention here, but still I have no issues with pixels (like some gnomes do :smiley:) It’s not that much it’s pixelated, but just it’s made to be a mix between old 3D engines like Quake 1 and Doom 1/2 mash up. I feel they managed to pull the retro look pretty nicely and I like the design choices a lot.

It can run on weaker machines with no problems, but I guess you might want to have dedicated GPU even being 10 years old one :smiley:

SFXs and Music
Actually pretty good if not amazing, but that’s always a personal thing just like the graphics. Can’t say a bad word for those.

Fully customizable as every FPS should be (strangely not always the case) and of course I can’t recommend playing such games with controller, so M+K is the way to go for me.

Even for it’s full price this is a must have for everyone liking the genre… It might even get new people hooked to it if they keep on “gitting good” and stick with it.
For this price - total steal. Cheers.


Did you played it with controller by any chance? I was constantly reaching world 2 after my first hour :confused: ?




I have played this game a good bit and is worth checking out if it looks interesting to you, while it is not my cup of tea but i can 100% see a lot of people likeing it


I would love to have this but I can only trade with these. :frowning:

Lethal League, Satellite Reign, Flame in the Flood, and Breach.


Not my kind of thing, but it’s a good price, so awesome share. ^^


I am hoping that when this deal comes around about a year from now again, I will have enough FPS experience to want to sink my teeth in.


Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. I am not a speed runner plus I have CRS…Can’t Remember St…err…uff :scream: so I decided against buying.


It’s not about speed running like Seum: Speedrunners of Hell or Lovely Planet for instance where you need to drop under certain time to actually beat every level, so you got mislead by someone.
People are speed running everything, including the point and click games you play :slight_smile:.