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Stone Story RPG - 2/5/20 - $13.99


Today’s deal is Stone Story RPG!





Yo, dude, have you ever gone on Gamefaqs?

What, like with all the guides?

And cheats! And community posts! But yeah, that Gamefaqs.

I mean yeah, of course I have, that was THE spot for a while, right?

Yeah, it STILL is dawg, especially if the game you’re looking to get through is a classic. It’s great.

Awesome…why are we talking about this on a paranormal podcast again?

I’m getting there, dude! Jeez! But first, I need to ask, have you ever seen the Toy Story movies?

What are these questions, dude? Have you been to Gamefaqs? Have you seen Toy Story? Have you tasted water? Have you been outside?

Okay…so is that a yes?

Yes it’s a yes!

Okay, cool, so…you know how in Toy Story, whenever people aren’t around, the toys come to life and do things on their own?

You mean the literal premise of all four movies? Yeah.

Good. So I don’t remember doing it, but the other day I started playing this game Stone Story, and I must’ve pulled up the Gamefaqs page because there was one of those cool ASCII art pieces right at the top to get you hype about reading the walkthrough…except…something was off.

Alright, I’m with you, but what the hell does this have to do with Toy Story?

Well, all the ASCII guys…it was like, they were moving and fighting and the scene kept changing, and they were doing all these cool things on their own!


I swear! After a while I wanted to help them, and sure enough, I could help them out and give them items to use! Doesn’t that sound crazy?

So you’re saying that Stone Story RPG has a text walkthrough online where the ASCII art moves like the toys from Toy Story?

Yes. Yes, exactly.

Okay, do me a favor and look up “Stone Story RPG” trailer on YouTube and tell me how dumb you are.

I mean, I’ll do it, but I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be-


Oh, I’m dumb.

Yeah you are.

I’m way dumb.

Yeah you are.

Stop saying that?

Why, ‘cause it’s true?

Shut up!

The official trailer for Stone Story RPG:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


It goes on sale for $7 often on Steam.


Are you thinking of a different game maybe?

This is the first sale of this game outside of Steam, and previous low on Steam had been 20% off at $15.99.

Also according to ITAD:


Also collateral confirmation from the developers in an announcement on Steam:


ASCII art/animations in color? Neat!