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Still Searching #2 - Round #7



Ah, that makes sense. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

For everyone else, both current and possible new participants that have yet to take part in this, here’s a slightly updated recap post of your questions/guesses so far:

  • It’s not a living thing that can die
  • It can be touched
  • It’s not something you have in your house
  • It can’t be carried by a person
  • It can either be made by man or nature
  • It makes a sound
  • It’s not used to make other things (ie. a machine, etc.)
  • A model of it can be made in a laboratory

Incorrect guesses:

  • dung


Hmmm… I feel like there is enough information to make a very good guess… The problem is fitting it all together.

My initial thoughts were a river or waterfall, but both of those historically have been used with water wheels to create things.

A volcano fits everything except for man-made.

No guesses from me yet, just laying out my thoughts.


I’ve had the same guesses myself (river/waterfall/volcano) but there’s always one of the things that doesn’t fit. A model can be made in a laboratory is ruining most of my guesses right now.

Adding to the pot


I think I’m going to go for it.
G: Avalanche

  • Not a living thing
  • Can be touched (not recommended)
  • You shouldn’t have it in your house (otherwise bye bye house)
  • Can’t carry it
  • Both man and nature can create them
  • Makes a rumbling sound
  • It is not used to make things (as it is usually destructive)
  • You can’t create a full size one in a laboratory, only a model.


Unfortunately, your guess is incorrect.
I will, however, applaud your efforts and how you approached each question.



Q: Was it ever registered as a natural disaster?


I’m unsure whether it was ever officially registered as one or not. I looked it up for a while and couldn’t really find anything concrete.

I would still say yes though, as a certain website has it listed as one.


Question: Is the word a rapid event an instance of which finishes in a very short time frame?


This is another question that has a Yes/No answer. Depending on certain circumstances (which I can’t specify since it’ll narrow it down), it can actually go either way.


Well that was a bit of a disappointing non-answer, can’t really draw any useful information out of that at the moment. I’ll just hope that any future clarifications causes it to make sense.


True, but there’s already enough information to draw out the answer if you can somehow piece it together. More so with today’s answers. Not only do you have past questions (and sometimes guesses) to build up your own answer, there’s also each player’s thought process to take into account.

How did they get to this answer? What did they see in each question and how did they turn it in their favor? Just look at @Pylinaer 's guess from yesterday.

Then again, I do know that it can also be a double edged sword, like in the round you’re hosting in Still Searching #1 where pretty much everyone jumped on the insect wagon after I made my guess (instead of them asking what type/category of animal it is before doing so).

Anyway, here’s an updated recap post:

  • It’s not a living thing that can die
  • It can be touched
  • It’s not something you have in your house
  • It can’t be carried by a person
  • It can either be made by man or nature
  • It makes a sound
  • It’s not used to make other things (ie. a machine, etc.)
  • A model of it can be made in a laboratory
  • It’s registered/listed as a natural disaster on a certain website
  • Once its occurred, it can either end quickly or take a long time to do so

Incorrect guesses:

  • Dung
  • Avalanche


I can’t believe it’s not dung.


I have a strong feeling it might be involved.


Invalid Guess turned into question:
@Luxen is it a volcanic eruption?

maybe I should ask my question first, but I cannot even find it in myself to ask an appropriate question with this set of clues.


Unfortunately, your guess is incorrect.

You guys are getting pretty warm though, even when going by how said certain website has these natural disasters listed. Someone’s bound to get it soon.

Feel free to make your question as well, but do make sure that it’s the right thing to ask.


But the word is supposed to be only one word right? So he can’t guess that I think, he could ask it as a question but not guessing because is more than one word.

Maybe ask something different since a volcanic eruption is clearly a natural dissaster and @Luxen said the word is not necessarily a natural disaster but it could be according to a website.


That’s true. I believe that has been said in the previous threads as well.
I should have pointed that out myself, so I apologize for that. I didn’t think it through as I was in the middle of doing some chores myself, haha.

@YQMaoski Knowing the aforementioned now, what would you like to do about your guess? You could do one of the following and it would still be beneficial to you and all the other players:

  • Turn your 2-word guess into your question. (You’d still get the same answer I just gave you, but you’d be able to make a proper guess out of it.)
  • Make a new 1-word guess. (You’re still free to make a question.)


I am sorry, I didn’t even think about the 1 word thing. I am at work, let’s turn that into my question I guess and I will think about a different answer.

I see what you’d done there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm. I think a landslide might hit all those points. Landslides can either occur rapidly or over the course of a decent amount of time. Sometimes when they start they move a bit until it rains again and move some more.

Can’t be a fire because you can have that in a house and they are called Bunsen burners in the lab for a reason.

I’m not so sure wildfire would fit either as that whole Australia on fire thing earlier this year (yeah that was this year) would have likely made that an official natural disaster.

Flood wouldn’t fit as it’s a registered natural disaster.

Thunderstorms to my knowledge can’t be created by humans

Hurricanes, cyclones, and Tornadoes are in the same boat of not being created by humans (probably a good thing)