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Still Searching #2 - Round #7



Maybe that’ll be someone’s MW in the future, who knows! :thinking:

Getting back to the game at hand and answering your question: No, it isn’t.


Q: Can it be touched?





Q: Do we have it in our houses?





Q. Can it be carried by a person?




Q: Is it man made?



Q: Does it make a sound? (Like for example: an airplane or a river)


Yes, but it can also be made by nature. Technically, this would make the answer be Yes/No; I’d rather point it out instead of causing confusion.

Yes. Unlike the previous question, going into specifics would probably narrow it down too much.


Summary :

. It’s not a living thing that can die
. It can be touched
. We don’t have it in our houses
. It can’t be carried by a person
. It can either be made by man or nature
. It makes a sound


@Luxen Q: Is something, used to make other things, like a machine?




Q: Is it something that can be made in a laboratory?


Technically yes, though that would be a model of it instead.


Are we able to ask multiple questions or are we stuck at 1Q and 1G?


We’re still stuck with those rules, though the current GM of the Still Searching #1 thread did ask if such a rule could be changed due to the low amount of participants (ie. Most people have already used up those and have yet to reach the answer).

I don’t think they’ve gotten an answer about it from @SeekerSupreme yet though. If they do, I’m sure it’ll also apply to this thread as well, since it’ll most likely lead to a revision of the general/default rules.



Accounting for possible time expiration limits, to avoid indefinite stale states is a necessity. I’ll enact those if need be.
Deciding based on an arbitrary, relative ranking is not an option though.


Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll make sure to remove it from my post.

I just read the reply you left in the other thread and I wanted to ask: If the round ends in a fail state, does the GM for that round still get to choose which games they want?


Not based on the round that ended in a fail state. Assuming he conducted the round according to the rules, he’ll get to run another one.