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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



It might be nice, but I’m not.

:x: I’m afraid you are incorrect.


A tad too obvious I suppose. Oh well… it was worth a shot.

Am I still allowed to ask my question even though I’m out of the reckoning?


I don’t see why not, I would have recommended doing it in the reverse order though.


I was about to step away for a while and since there was a decent chance my guess was right and an answer to my question could have made things painfully obvious, I figured I’d roll the dice.
That’s also the thought process that led to my suggestion. :smile:

Guess I wasn’t expecting such a diligent GM!


i actually wanted to ask something about that, because exactly, the rules dont say you can’t, but that also means u can guess twice, like this:

question: Is it a pigeon?

i already used my guess, but this is a yes/no question, and i haven’t used my yes/no question yet (i’m also not rly playing, as my guess was a shitpost [literally]) so though technically i guess i can’t win anymore, i could still get the answer, and then what happens then? do i win regardless? or does someone has to say: “guess: pigeon” in case you answer: yes ???


While it is a yes or no question you’re “asking” to identify a particular “item” so to speak, not a group of possible items nor a quality of the item. Therefor it’s a guess at the answer and as such I wont answer it as you already took your shot.

Questions has to be about an item, guesses are on an item, or so I would specify it at the very least.

Anyway, the GM is now: OUT
No more timely answers will be provided for the next 8-10h.


sry, but then the rules must be changed, because technically speaking, my question, clearly identified as such [after my edit :joy:], is a perfectly valid yes/no question



The encryption cannot be broken, so let’s try the rules then, eh?:>

The answers to your dilemmas are already in the rules, so let me just condense them for you:
A round can be won only by the player who posts a GUESS (which matches the MW).
Every posted QUESTION must be answered by the GM (if it doesn’t exceed the one per player limit).

The rules are the way they are for a reason. Multiple reasons.

Now let’s dissect the pigeon, shall we?

P1 - QUESTION: Is it a pigeon?
GM - Yes
P1 - Do I win?
GM - No
P1 - Why?
GM - Because you didn’t post a GUESS
P2 - GUESS: pigeon
GM - correct!
P1 - shit:<

P1 - QUESTION: Is it a pigeon?
GM - Yes
P1 - Do I win?
GM - No
P1 - Why?
GM - Because you didn’t post a GUESS
P2 - GUESS: pigeon
GM - Incorrect
P2 - Why?
GM - Because the MW is not pigeon
P2 - Impossibru!
GM - Possibru. Do some reading, then come back.



exactly, so GM must answer the question :joy:


But he as a GM could add that as an extra rule, right?


i dont think it would be fair to add rules as you go … you wanna add rules, you do so before the game starts


He doesn’t need to, it’s already in the rules.

I don’t think there is a clear grasp of how flexible the language is. Let me give you another example:

Is it blue?

Is it a question about the MW, or a guess at the MW?
Can be both.

and everything will be fine.


yeah, but in this case, he refused to answer the question though


I’ve noticed, that’s why I’ve addressed the whole issue on both ends;)


People will always try to poke and prod a system to see if and how it breaks because it’s fun and it helps make better systems. Your system is solid, though it breaks because I opted to show leniency in favour of those who wanted to play the game but were sloppy with labeling their inputs rather than warding off @M00 trying to take the piss. That’s why I figure you have a human GM running stuff instead of just writing a script for it.

But alright, no more unlabeled inputs everyone.


The GM couldn’t sleep so the GM is now: IN and Tired


I am following the rules, and though it is true that i do not aim to win, i do aim to have some innocent fun.

i don’t think i’m breaking the game by doing so; if anything, my question was quite helpful to all the other players, as it saves everyone a potential guess, and though my own guess was quite unhelpful, all things considered, it might have brought a smirk to someone’s face, perhaps, and that’s worth something as well

I’m sad the GM couldn’t sleep, but I’m happy he’s back.

Now the game can continue, knowing that the word is neither poop, nor pigeon, nor pigeon poop.


GUESS @Fraggles , its a Duck?



Question: Can it swim?

Apologies for format snafu.


Oh, come on guys!

It also helps if you @ the GM so we get a notification of your post.


@Fraggles this is a guess though, they merely misspelled it

honestly, we are only in this situation because you refused to answer the question even though it was clearly identified as being a yes/no question and not a guess even before my edit, as such:

i dont think anyone would mind if u just continued the way it was going, so in this case you have a clear guess (regardless of the fact they spelled it guest) and a clear question (regardless of the fact it wasn’t identified as such)