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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



@Fraggles Is it a liquid?


Can you drink it?


A classic one, Is man made?






Now about what I said regarding making your wishes count, try to look at what’s already been asked yeah?


Is it an animal?




Is it an exotic animal?




I was thinking of posting a picture, but I can’t post a photo and use it to ask a question at the same time, per rules. So,


Is it a land based animal that is commonly kept in barns or pastures and the edible products of which can be found at many fast food restaurants (e.g. McDonalds)?




Does it have wings?




Well. following the rule of

Each player can either post one photo or ask one question (per round).
Each player can take one guess (per round) at what the MW is.

I’ll throw it in.

Guess: Crow


I read it as cow, almost shit myself laughing xD


@Fraggles congrats!

Its a night animal?


welp I know I am wrong idk if i get another shot, because i didn’t read lmao


Oh daaamn XD Guess they all are Ghost Busters now? :wink:

So… Since I did it wrong the first time, with no key at all and encrypting my MW once, I went overboard for this one *owo:

I encrypted it three times.

Ghost =MW

1.Rc2+CTR+e(=Key) (I copied the outcome to use it in Nr.2)
2.Twofish+NOFB+f (Copied the outcome to use it in Nr. 3)
That’s how I created the encrypted MW BUUUUUUT You don’t need to do this.

It should be enough if you use

once but correctly.

Use an algorythm, a mode and a key, if I understood it right, you can use anything on your keyboard. It could be #, g, 13 or kdjhsdh. But you can go through the struggle like I did and do it two or threetimes.
Whatever you do, keep in mind, that you need to keep your encryption method until you are done with the game. AAAND that you never NEVAAA EVAA forget the key. Like I did…Otherwise people might solve it within an hour…

With these words of honor and embaressment ^^’ I wish everyone a lot of fun, during this second round with @Fraggles as new GM. Keep in mind to be nice :wink:

@SeekerSupreme thank you for the idea and thank for the key^^ I really enjoyed participating as GM. Sometimes It was even nervwracking and I had to browse through lexicons and Google to find answers, I even asked classmates LoL. It’s interesting how words can be described and hgow much you must or can consider.

Have a nice day you all^^


If I was as brave as @M00 I would.



:x: I’m afraid you are incorrect.


@skunkz0r and a few others, please label your Guesses and questions appropriately and I don’t know how to handle a retracted guess, but I’m going to simply not answer but note that @ascherwedel has chosen to abstain from this round.


Sounds like a fun game. I’ll go in with all guns blazing.

GUESS: Chicken

P.S.: Might be nice to give priority to one guess from each question-asker right after their question has been answered (in the order asked). If not, someone could swoop in and steal a win purely because of their time zone.