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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



@StarsJumper you around bud? We need some answers


@PeteMcc chill. :wink:

Some believe so, some not.


I think you would like to guess right? :wink:

No, it is not. Nice thought, thank you.


GUESS: is the word spirit?





The recap:

It is maybe man-made.

It can’t be climate change. (can only be 1 word)

It can’t be picked up.

The word may be related to any religion

Cannot drink from it.

Has relations to science (this is broad to the point of useless)

Cannot be perceived by touch

May be something we are surrounded by daily

Is not god.

Are all the letters in the word unique?


I’m very confused. I can’t think of too many things that could be or not man created. Unless is the name of a different god like Zeus or something like that. (that’s not my guess). I’ll keep thinking haha


Is the word mathematics


Lol. I just can’t! It is very confusing and I can’t guess it at all.

But it can’t be something intangible. god, spirit, climate change, mathematics are not things I can take a picture of.

The rule is it has to be a physical object/thing right? Or we might just get “happiness” and “breathing” as the mystery word.

So it is a thing, somehow both made by man and nature, can not be touched (because it is out of reach?), involves religion and science, and we might encounter it daily.

So I’m going to just say a random thing because this thing is just too many opposites of itself.

Guess: Clouds. :ok_man:


No, I don’t think it have to be a “thing”, it can be something abstract too. Right? @SeekerSupreme

PD : I don’t think anyone would say that clouds are something man made :thinking:


I really thought out of the box for this one my dude!




Check out Berndnaut Smilde’s works.

But the answer to the man made question suggests there’s a debate about it, not a case of whether they can be. So I’m assuming it means that some people say that this word is man made and others say it isn’t and each group would be concerned about the case of all instances of the word.


Well, I was thinking especifically about the clouds you see in the sky, but I guess you’re technically right haha. Either way, like you said, in this case there’s no debate, so I still don’t think that’s the word.


In response to if it has to be a thing.


@PeteMcc thanks for your try, but sadly it is not. Still, good job.


Sadly it’s not on the picture.


I’m not shure what you mean…? Do you mean like a short form? Could you give an example so I understand you better? ^^’


Nah :wink: I hate maths but thanks for the guess tho. Nice try


I like your thinking technique LoL. If you read the comments and topic before it’s already mentioned twice, that it can be anything.

And no. It’s not clouds either.


Question: Can it be photographed?
If not it’s going to be hard finding it in an image I suppose.