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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



so your guess is:



might as well go with that, while its still fresh and there is no people here :wink:

And i can’t exactly think of something where its debateable if its man made.
Sooo yeah lets go with that guess, if not I still have more rounds to go after all :slight_smile:


Sadly it’s not “climate change”. @Loewe233


awww sad sad, was worth a try :wink:


I’m pretty sure “climate change” is not a word:D
Therefore it cannot be accepted as a guess.


Can I pick it up?


@Loewe233 apparently you are free for a new go :wink:

@SeekerSupreme so u mean, because it is not one word but a short phrase…? :slight_smile: Ok I will keep it in mind^^



No you can’t.


Is the word something related to any religion?


It can be but it doesn’t have to.


Is the word something you can drink from?


@StarsJumper is the word related to science?



No it isn’t.


There are relations to science.



Can be man-made. (Is not climate change.)

Cannot be picked up.

The word can be related to any religion but it doesn’t have to.

You cannot drink from it.

The word has relations to science.

Question: Is it tangible?


@YQMaoski wooah a nice conclusion <3 I like that :wink:

so about your question:

Nope it isn’t


let’s rather say: debatable.

I would not like it if someone follows a wrong clue bc there was one misunderstanding :wink:


Is it something we are surrounded by every day?



Is this word god?


Alright everyone, we’re turning up the pace.
I’ve spawned a second instance of the game - to run in parallel - here: Still Searching - Instance #2

The rules are the same for both instances and the pot is shared between them.

Right now the new instance is open for GM candidate submissions.
There are no restrictions regarding GM/players overlaps between the instances.

I’ll be posting new additions to the pot, to make them easier for everyone to spot.

Adding to the pot
XCOM 2: Reinforcement Pack is region locked; IDK what the region is, but it failed to register in Poland