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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



I hate to have to be one to break it to you and certainly don’t think that I’m just here to tip you over but the answer to your guess is no @moo I’m sorry. Better luck next time.

In reply to your question. Yes, it is man made.



Q: Is it commonly found at home?


Not commonly, No. Some people however might have them.


Q: is it something used to do some kind of job?


I have to say yes. It does do a job in that we use them to perform a function. Some people find them very useful in their jobs.


@Luxen It’s just occurred to me that the game of Golf would be much easier if we used Sinkholes instead.


@NME1 Even a baby could win the entire game with that kind of handicap, haha. Also, not sure if anyone’s realized it by now, but it’s a pretty big coincidence that Chrono’s Daily Deal for today is a golf game too. :joy:

Now then, let’s see if I can make it count.
Question: Is it powered by electricity?


It can be powered electrically or mechanically.

Adding to the pot


Nice one


Q: Does it have wheels?


Sorry for my late reply.

Yes, it has. Just one though.


Could I make a guess here?

Guess: Wheelbarrow


Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately the MW is not Wheelbarrow. Sorry about that.


Ah well, I figured what has one wheel? That’s the first thing that came to mind, hah.

So I’ve been sort of following along with the guessing, but can I ask a question as well, or do I need to wait before I can?


Everyone has 1 question and 1 guess. Makes no difference which order they come in so go ahead, what’s your question?


Alright, got it

Q. Can you drive it?


No you can’t.



It is man made.
It’s not common to find them at home, though some people might have them.
It does do a job in that we use them to perform a function.
It can be powered electrically or mechanically.
It has one wheel.
You cannot drive it.

Some nice questions so far.
As for incorrect guesses, we have: feces and wheelbarrow.


Guess: pulley

It’s man made
Not common at home
It does a job and is very useful
Can be powered by electricity or mechanically (car engine for example)
Single wheel
Can not be driven in the sense like a car or unicycle.