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Still Searching #1 - Round #7




Q: Is it a musical instrument?


No, it isn’t.



Q: Is the thing used for sport/fitness?


Actually, the thing itself (ie. the MW) is a sport.
A few items are required to play it. If you can figure out the finer details via questions, you’ll be able to reach the correct answer soon enough.

I apologize if it wasn’t clear enough with how I worded my answer to that earlier question.

For everyone else, here’s a recap:

  • It isn’t edible at all. You can’t eat it.
  • It is man made.
  • It isn’t a stool (ie. chair, excrement, etc)
  • Items related to it aren’t found in most people’s homes, only in the ones of fans, hobbyists, and players.
  • There’s a variety of items (such as merchandise used for fun or practice at home, among other things) available for purchase.
  • It isn’t a musical instrument.
  • It’s a sport. There are a few items used/required to play it.


So it’s unlikely to be baseball, because people will have baseballs and mitts for a game of catch. Father and son time per se.

It is unlikely to be tennis because people with doggos can use tennis balls for fetch.

It is unlikely to be basketball because people will have it just for something to do in small towns. (source: my parents neighborhood)

Soccer (football) is more common in non American households. Thinking of South America and Africa. So I don’t think it’s that.

I don’t think American Football since that’s two words, but at its core it would get mixed up with soccer. And I would think footballs would be fairly common in American houses. So I don’t think it’s that.

The stuff I can think off immediately are
Hockey (maybe, I don’t know how common hockey gear is in Minnesota and Canada (@delenn13))
Volleyball - maybe


You’ll find a lot of people have hockey skates and sticks here in the Nordics as well, especially Sweden and Finland. But I suppose you’d consider those people both hobbyists and players. So that specification is kind of pointless. “only people who might use the items have them” well that’s not super helpful.


I guess we could discard most of the common sports since a lot of people would have the items for it at home. But what if it’s an extreme sport? That’s my question @Luxen Q: Is it an extreme sport?



G: Golf?


no… I just came in and that would have been my guess


Golf isn’t a sport :rofl:


Yes it is - you complete against yourself, not so much against other people, to perfect your game.

Question: Is it played with a racket?


i think is joke, right?


It clearly is a mystery now and it seems it doesn’t matter what it was when it started :rofl: I will just add that sex is a sport as well and if you don’t need more than one - masturbation qualifies, because both require more physical work in the end :smiley:

I think we have a winner by the looks of how long Luxen is concocting the reply, but I will shoot anyway.


Q: Does it require more than yourself to be able to play it?


Not really, at least by definition. A hobbyist is someone who, as the name implies, pursues a hobby for enjoyment/leisure and not for pay. A player on the other hand can range from amateur to professional and usually plays to compete for money. By separating them both, the aforementioned should have been implied.

As for the other hint, why would an average Joe have sport-related gear that can used to either play for fun or practice at home if they don’t plan to use them? If I was talking about a collector (who obviously won’t use them; this is the area where some fans fall into), then I would have made that clear from the start.

No, it isn’t an extreme sport.
Unless you live in the Mushroom Kingdom where everything should be considered one. Just look at how most of Mario’s sports games are, haha.

It’s been debated throughout the years, but it is officially recognized as a sport. Some people prefer to call it a game though. Danacscott has explained why it is one as well.

Sources: First Tee Seattle, Wikipedia

No, it isn’t.

Haha, you’ve got that right. I’ve been typing this up ever since I got back to my laptop. However, since I’m going back and forth between it and the kitchen while I cook, I keep seeing more messages to reply to. :joy:

No, not really. You can play it by yourself, if the place allows it.

You’re correct! Congrats @NME1 !
I’m surprised this round flew by pretty quickly compared to the last one.
Since you won, you can choose to become the next round’s GM or nominate someone else for the position.

Without further ado, let’s flex these muscles to reveal the encryption method and go over each question one last time before the show ends.

Mystery Word: Golf
Algorithm: Blowfish
Mode: ECB (electronic codebook)
Key: 24729ueujhkd203293b00tywqwiy7
Encrypted Mystery Word: gwEowtFyM3zvbhwqIqxFzw==

Unlike the last round, I chose my mystery word right away. I decided to go with golf because I wanted to pick a sport that, while well-known in certain areas, isn’t exactly considered that popular compared to most of the others.

Question Roundup:

  • Is it edible?

You can’t eat a sport nor its equipment.

  • Is it man made?

Sports and their related equipment are man made.

  • Is it found in people’s homes in general?

As mentioned before, only certain people have sports equipment (ie. to play, practice, or just have fun) at home. Merchandise related to sports can be found in a variety of sizes. I avoided using the word mini, as that would have heavily implied Mini Golf and given the official sport away.

P.S. I mentioned mini golf in a giveaway that was hosted on here before.

  • Is it a musical instrument?

Sports equipment and sports themselves aren’t musical instruments. If this were the Rhythm Heaven series or that one Youtuber whose name I forgot, then literally anything can be used as an instrument.

  • Is the thing used for sport/fitness?

The thing/MW itself is a sport.

  • Is it an extreme sport?

It isn’t an extreme sport, unless you live in the Mushroom Kingdom or What The Golf?.

  • Is it played with a racket?

Golf is played by using clubs. On the other hand, if you’re Donkey Kong then you can play any sport with whatever you like. He’s played baseball by using a boxing glove after all.

  • Does it require more than yourself to be able to play it?

No, you can play golf by yourself if the course allows it. You aren’t able to do so if the course is too busy or doesn’t happen to allow it at all. If you’re playing alone, it would either be considered practice or meditation (by some people).

I’m glad to have been here, even if it was for a shorter time than the last round I hosted. Looking forward to what the new GM will bring and whether @M00 's favorite MW will be chosen next or not, haha.

See you all in the next round!


Congratulations to you @Luxen for another successful round as GM.
For the next round I have chosen my mystery word very carefully and wish you luck.
I think this is gonna be a tough one to crack.
I’ll start round #4 later this evening.


I have to say, at firs I felt Luxen was a bit too liberal with the tips this time.
After reading this:

Items used for the thing can only be found in the homes of people who are interested in it; you can also buy a variety of items of it (in different sizes and setups) to use at home. Depending on which one you buy, it can be used just for fun or practice.
To avoid confusion: An item that’s used at home isn’t restricted to being indoors-only. Some homes do have backyards, among other outdoor areas, that you’ll need to take into account as well. Please think carefully about this.

Actually, the thing itself (ie. the MW) is a sport.
A few items are required to play it. If you can figure out the finer details via questions, you’ll be able to reach the correct answer soon enough.

I thought, well it’s obviously golf.
Yet, I was proven wrong, again:D

@Luxen, go ahead and send me your picks:)
@NME1, that was an eagle, congrats! Glad you’re no longer tied up at work:)


Everything is up in the air at the moment. Went to work for one day only for it to be further postponed until 6th July!


Yeah, I felt like l might have been cutting it a bit close this time. I thought “Well, I haven’t been slapped on the ass just yet, so this is probably fine. I hope.” Glad you were proven wrong though, haha.

Like in most Professor Layton puzzles, this comic pretty much sums up what can happen even when you have obvious hints or solutions in plain sight:

Just sent you a list of my picks a short while ago btw. :smiley:


Let Round #4 Begin!

The mystery word for this round is:


We continue to use the rules set out by @SeekerSupreme

Please tag me so I don’t miss your questions and guesses.

Best of luck to everyone.

@M00 Care to start us off? :poop:


Finally, gonna get it for sure this time:

Guess: feces


just in the unimaginable, impossible case that that is actually wrong:

question: is it man-made?