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Still Searching #1 - Round #7





Two Questions per user and one guess seems that should have been the norm :slight_smile:


This means, it is a bird of some sort. Of the animals that have wings, there are insects, birds, and bats.

Which makes me wonder if…



Guess: Quail


:x: terribly sorry.

@SeekerSupreme care to make a call on this yet? I’m pretty sure someone should get it with another 4-5 good questions.


Alright. Round #2 will cease at 15:00 UTC, June 24th (ca 24h from now). It shall be followed by the MW reveal and round review.

I’m very curious how this elusive MW fits the description it has been given here.


I could see something like “chick” fitting.

Adding to the pot
Football Manager 2020 and Football Manager 2020 Touch cannot be ordered separately (one key activates both games)


Sad. I still don’t understand why don’t you give everyone one more question and guess.


I have a couple of ideas but no guess. Might as well use my question:
QUESTION: Can the animal’s name be split into two words (with all its letters used in the same order) that are themselves valid words?


But I might not completely comprehend the question. Create an example.


Like a blackbird.

Spoiler: it’s not a blackbird.


@SeekerSupreme is spot on. Come to think of it, it’s surprising how many of those there are.


So you just mean a compound word and nothing fancier, the answer stands then.


I had guess hummingbird before, so all of those things that are ___bird (singleword) are out.


Time’s up, lets do this!

The mysterious mystery word was: Swallow.
The key was B7hvQZIKfc
Encryption methods: Cast-256 / CBC

There is only really one question I feel I might need to defend my answer to.

This was the only one I felt I didn’t necessarily properly know the answer to, after reading up about Swallows for a bit I decided to go with No. The reason for which is due to the use of the word “common” and to some degree “city”. Pigeons are common in cities, seagulls are common in many, swallows may live in some urban but mostly suburban and rural human settled areas and not in numbers enough that I’d consider them common. They require flying insects to hunt and waterways for those insects to breed in, I would presume to claim that many cities do not provide a suitable environment for them.

As for the very last question, it’s not a compound word, but you could rip Wall out of it and get Sow left and all letters would be in the proper order still which is why I asked for clarification.

@Pylinaer damn near guessed it.

Thanks for playing everyone.
If there’s any other question you feel doesn’t fit the answer feel free to ask.


Nice! Swallows are interesting birds, their flight patterns always seem so jumpy for me, but probably because they are so quick to change directions. Kind of like fish in water.

Good word, too bad nobody managed to guess it.


Hahaha, funny thing is… Swallow was actually my original guess (before I changed it to cockroach), with part of the reason being “Well, its name can be a pun for the eating bit too”.

Guess I should have stuck with it. :bird:


Some of these would be compound words but not all as per my understanding. One of the possibilities I was considering was partridge. Even though “part” and “ridge” are words on their own, I don’t think partridge would qualify as a compound word.
That “wall” could be removed to leave “sow” was a remarkable coincidence. I hadn’t factored in that possibility when I phrased the question but it would indeed fit, so I can see why you felt the need to clarify.


Interestingly, another question I had been considering was “Does the animal’s name also have another meaning?” but ended up going with the “split” question.
Still think another Q & G cycle would have been interesting.