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Still Searching #1 - Round #7





:x: I’m afraid you are incorrect.


dude what the hell

srsly, i was clearly following the rules, you were breaking them by refusing to answer the yes/no question

apparently u take issue with that although it rly isn’t a big deal

let’s put this behind us, ok?


That was just a strangely randomly generated error code. Should have been an impenetrable alphanumeric string with no real meaning, weird it randomly turned out that way, huh?


Question: Is it bigger than an average man-sized hand?




My guess: frog

(TBH I’ve been finding this new set-up with multiple GMs and new rules about guesses and questions mighty confusing and haven’t been following the thread as a result. Just happened to see some answers and decided to guess. I’m not even sure I’m allowed to guess…? This whole thing feels like a forum game club rather than a giveaway.)



I know you haven’t read through the questions and answers, but it’s just too funny to not mention it regardless.

I guess it’s both at the same time; i think it’s a pretty cool concept. It’s fun to follow and I guess it adds liveliness to the forum atm as well. Maybe nice for newcomers too.


:x: I am afraid you are incorrect.

Since no one else seen fit to do a recap post yet, I’ll go ahead and do so I suppose.

It’s naturally occurring
Not manmade
Can be touched, eaten but not drunk because
It is not a liquid
It is an animal, but not exotic
Also not a land based animal that is commonly kept in barns or pastures and the edible products of which can be found at many fast food restaurants (e.g. McDonalds)
It does have wings
Not nocturnal
can’t swim
Not bigger than an average man-sized hand.

It is not Stool, Crow, chicken, pigeon, duck or frog.



actually me atm :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve kept tabs on this for a while and I’m sure one or two general questions that would have helped narrow it down haven’t been made in this round yet (which could have saved a couple of people from using up their 1-time question and guess, as seen at the bottom of the recap post).

@Fraggles I’m probably way off, but that last question Doomy made had me reconsider my initial thoughts on the answer.

Guess: cockroach


:x: I’m afraid you are incorrect.

Clever try though.


Guess: Bat :bat:


:x: I’m afraid you are incorrect.



Guess: Hummingbird


This can possibly shorten down to “not a cow or pig”. I was trying to single them out without including chickens, horses, or turkeys.

Edit: I think I’ll take my
Guess: Ant

I’ve actually never tried chocolate ants.


Guess : Butterfly


:x: I am afraid you are all incorrect


Guess: Locust



:x: I’m afraid you are incorrect.


wow, this is a tough nut to crack