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Stellaris - 2/8/19 - $7.75


Today’s deal is Stellaris!





Hello. Thank you for reading my letter. Now before I get to the meat and potatoes of why I’m writing in, let me give you a little background on myself…and actually, I’ll also be honest: I have no idea what it means to be an expert on something anymore. But let me say this: I work at a grocery store most of the day, I spend most of my time talking to people I’ve never met online, I’ve played Stellaris for 100 hours, and to me, my opinion of something is more important than the facts. I’m literally the PERFECT quintessential person to be writing in about this.

Now let’s get to it. I see that you have Stellaris for sale on your website today for $7.75. Congratulations, that’s a great deal, and I love this game, so I’m glad more people will have a chance to buy it. However, in your usually-charming ad copy for the game, the clown you have writing them actually had the GALL to refer to the game as a “strategy game”, whatever THAT is, when in reality, he should have called it what it is, a GRAND Strategy game.

Now granted, I’m not a big “strategy” fan, so I don’t know exactly what they do in those games, probably just quaint baby stuff like fighting a 6-on-6 battle or storming a single PALACE (lol), but let me educate you for a minute: Stellaris should always be referred to as Grand Strategy because when you’ve the power of a literal god, with your little tendrils spread out across the galaxy, and the decisions you make affect MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of loyal subjects, to me, that is the very grandest thing I can imagine. Anyways, that’s it, other than that I love all your stuff, but make a mistake like this again, and you won’t even see the orbital bombardment coming before your precious “website headquarters” is a smoking crater that also glows because laser bolts are probably radioactive.

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As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


Okay y’all.


Get it now! This is an insane price! I got mine for $9 on the Winter Sale! Seriously, this is one fun game, especially if you have friends to play with. Nothing beats trying to avoid The Khan event or Devourers with a group of friends and laughing over how screwed you are. lol

It is also great SP too. I got 50 hours in SP before I even delved into MP with my regiment buddies. I don’t know how else to explain it, but the depth of the events and the randomness just pulls at you.


While I’ve always wanted to play Stellaris, the Paradox DLC philosophy really puts me off all their games. I’m sure the game is well worth $7.75 but I will never be able to have the full complete game without spending $70-150 more. Since Paradox never makes full ‘GOTY’ editions and seeing their DLC more than 50% off is exceedingly rare, it’ll always feel incomplete to me.

Sorry paradox, your games are brilliant, but I can’t afford to play them.


This game is amazing! This price is a steal!


Understandable, but honestly you don’t need the DLC to the play the game and you honestly won’t even notice you don’t have it until you play MP with someone who does and you see them building mega structures or something. Even then, it doesn’t really give an advantage much at all, it is just nice to have if you can get it. Now for CK2, the DLC makes a HUGE difference for sure.

In fact, and any system benefits that came with the DLCs is added to everyone for free. Plus, whoever is hosting games and might have access to DLC gives access to the entire MP party, so there’s that. Unlike Crusader Kings (which is probably going to change for Stellaris).

Sales for Stellaris aren’t often enough that’s true. There’s sales going on right now for Steam though, so if anyone wants to get into the series, I would suggest getting the base game here now and then if they really think they need the DLC and wish to get it, get the DLC on Steam. The really only worthwhile DLC is Apocalypse and Leviathans, as they add features beyond what they describe. After that, Megacorp and Utopia, but again, I seriously don’t think DLC is needed for Stellaris unless you just want them.

CK2 on the other hand…I love it a lot, but I had to get Holy Fury, Charlemagne and the Old Gods + Ruler Designer to be able to do much beyond the scope of the base game. Even when playing with someone who had the entire DLC collection.


I hear you, I certainly do, I know that Paradox are not in the habit of cutting things out to make DLC out of. The base games are complete and perfectly great on their own.

It’s more of a personal “customer satisfaction” issue, I know that there’s still this or that much extra content that I do not have and as such my satisfaction with what I do have is impacted. It’s silly and I know it is, but it is still there, I really wish to have the complete product and this just makes me feel as if I don’t.


I get it what you mean, and honestly, it isn’t far off. Paradox actually has a serious problem with it. Like with CK2. You buy the game and then they release DLC to play as Danes for example. You feel sort of (or entirely) cheated out of a complete game. Something like that, or a ruler designer for example, is something they should not be making buyable DLC but offering as a free update to the base game. It is unacceptable business practices that they take what should be part of the game and sell it as additional content.

This is why people call Paradox a “DLC Whore”.


Yeah, @Fraggles I can definitely understand that mentality. I had to break my own buying habits to play Paradox games and learn that you don’t need all the DLC as @Rhyagelle is saying. You can have a ton of fun with the base game.

From the outside, looking in, Paradox looks like EA trying to milk gamers for all their money. But once you play them, Paradox feels like awesome games, made by gamers, and as they played their own games Paradox was like, “you know what would be cool? We could add this!” and some buy it, others don’t, but it’s all optional. Like, truly optional. It’s a very interesting and unique company, it’s too bad we lump their expansions and add-ons all into the same word or acronym ‘DLC’ because we gamers tend to have a negative view towards paying even more for a game we’ve already purchased.

One thing that helps me, I try to pick up Paradox stuff on sale and don’t buy ANY more until I play what I have. If it’s awesome and I want to add more, I’ll start watching for a sale for the next piece, like Mega-Corp. It gives me an excuse to keep jumping back in to games I loved and want to revisit, and saves me money when I realize I never really put much time into base game Crusader Kings, so why should I shell out for expansions (not that CK is bad, I just got overwhelmed and the theme wasn’t resonating with me at the time).


DLC or not, Stellaris is a must-have. It’s the only actual Paradox game I’ve actually enjoyed. Whether I’m declaring that a planet belongs to the Alliance of the Flightless Birds or sitting happily in the middle of a galactic war between Cabbage Patches and Crabpeople while building my own army, the 3 hours or so it takes to get through the first few years and learn all of the mechanics you need are entirely worth it.

I swear, I’ve spent hours upon hours just making stupid new factions with their own lore to bring to my online matches. You can play shorter matches, but I prefer rallying friends for a week long summit of expansion and anger.

DLC is a must-have-eventually though, and I’m kind of sad we didn’t get any DLC deals here for Utopia or Synthetic Dawn.


People should avoid Synthetic Dawn anyhow, or they’ll regret the Robot uprising. :joy:


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