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Steel Division: Normandy 44 - 5/3/19 - $11


Today’s deal is the Steel Division: Normandy 44!





Sir! Sir! We’re getting hammered out there! I think we should make our retreat!

Nonsense, Schwartz! We’re the goddamn armored 21st Panzer Division! We won’t go down without a fight!

O-okay, but sir…

I mean, what could they possibly have that can stand up to our Panzer tanks?

W-w-well, sir, it may sound a bit strange, but…

But what, Schwartz? If I’m gonna die today I don’t wanna die waiting for you to talk!

It’s just that…reports say it’s just some guy sitting at a desk in front of some kind of box. We’re not sure exactly what his allegiance is, but he’s got a blue t-shirt on with a round version of the American flag on it, except with one star in the middle. Spies say he got it from somewhere called “Target”. Could be a codeword, we’re not sure.

Fine, fine, we’ll deal with that as we find out more, but what about this box?

Well, it has a screen like an oscilloscope, but with much more detail, and he seems to be controlling it with the flattened keys of a typewriter and some kind of plastic handheld input device. I-if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was casting some kind of occult spell…and the magic words sound pretty agressive, sir.

What? How do you mean?

I don’t know…it sounds like he keeps saying “Yeet”. We’re still trying to figure out the secret meaning. Our codebreakers haven’t been able to crack it, yet.

Well, Schwartz, if this is it for the 21st, let’s make one last final charge.

Yessir! Maybe if we shout “Yeet” back at him it could counteract his spell.

Perhaps, Schwartz. Perhaps…

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I didn’t get my key.