Steam Trading Cards Issues

You most likely know the Steam Award 2019 trading cards, I got some after voting and fulling other badges, and I only have 1 card left to get to level 2 of it, I tried buying it in groups, and only this “VR game” card didn’t get purchased. I guessed it was ordering rn and waited, after waiting tho, it wasn’t ordered, so I cancelled my order, tried to buy again, but nope, it says I can’t buy it because Im ordering it, but the ordering section on the communiy market is empty, I also tried to contact Steam Support but it has no category for this issue, so I can’t contact them either. So if anybody had this issue before or knows how to fix it, I would like to know. If I can’t fix it, I’m just gonna sell these cards.


you can get 3 trading cards per day fyi, plenty to make more badges
about the issue, seems like some server error if i’m catching the description correct
you can wait a while (and restart steam at some point) see if the issue is fixed automatically with time, or if you are able to cancel your order “now”/later from the market page

you can create a steam ticket for anything you want, it’s just a bit more complex because you have to cycle through some of the other options to get to the actual support ticket and then you need to very specifically make note your query is not about XY but in fact something else, and they just didn’t have a proper category for it
^i do this all the time, usually selecting “My Account - Family View” or something that actually lets you make a ticket
-steam’s support system changed to be notoriously shyte, so you have to game the system a bit to get it sorted out when they try to give give you the runaround with some standard “help”/solution page

steam also does weekly maintenance on tuesdays around 16.00 pacific time, might be your error gets flushed then, if not earlier on its own


Alright, thank you.


Ah, it fixed itself, good that I didn’t sell the cards haha.