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Steam is changing its UI, again.



lol kk well it doesn’t blind me so I am happy, much better than the new Alienware site design my god that is so bright.


New complaint. In the old UI, when you took a screenshot, you could locate it by folder, upload it etc. Now, it simply shows up and you can preview it. To manage them, you have to go out of the way, scrolling (all the way) down to Screenshots.

They need to bring back the little window that pops up after you close a game or make it so you can manage screenshots from the post-game summary bar at the top as well.


hey guys I know it’s been 6 months but

@TR3NT can you correct the post title to “its UI,” please? It’s causing me a mild eye-twitch every time.

thanks in advance,


PS: about the new steam UI: it has no option to sort by native vs proton-compatible games on Linux, so it’s useless for me. :woman_shrugging:


That feature broke at least a few days before the beta for me. The option is still available and checked in my steam settings so I don’t think it’s been removed, just not working right now either in beta or normal mode. But you can still rather quickly get to it through the view menu up top, I too would like it to pop up as it used to though.

Sounds like an excellent thing to bring up in their feedback forum. Though it’s not an option I’ve seen myself before was it only there when running through linux?

I’m largely pleased with the beta version myself so far. I can’t say I care one way or the other about the graphical layout, could take it or leave it. The ability to search and sort your games with steam tags is a huge one for me, something I’ve wanted for years and couldn’t understand why they didn’t implement. Used to use a 3rd party site for that feature alone.

I’m also quite pleased with the ability to organize games by dragging and dropping them into “collections” now, you can even select multiple titles at once. Makes it much easier to organize instead of having to fiddle around with right click menus for each one.

Another neat little thing is sorting installed game by size on disk, it will even show you their size on the thumbnail. Makes it very easy to chase something down to uninstall if you need to clear up some space.

They should make the elements of the game page modular and possible to be shifted around. Maybe I don’t really care about which friends are playing the game and want the screenshot thing up top. Maybe allow me to hide elements I don’t care for like my review or card drops.

Having the game’s info details available on the game’s page is great too. I hope they also add the tags there. I used to go to the store page for games to check that info out, now it can be brought right up without any additional loading.

Not entirely happy with the new game count however. I kept track of my game count by the number shown in the library all games menu. This did not used to include F2P games not currently installed and some other things. Now the new count doesn’t match and I’m unsure of how many games I own and what/how to count them. I need to keep outside track in case steam decides to start sneakily remove my games, I’m sure you all understand.


hmm thats strange, mine were always included. Also any DRM free non-steam games were included in the count as well for me. Thats why I always used the profile page to see my current count.


Well here’s what I’m seeing in the beta showing only games, not tools, software or videos:
and this if I don’t group by collections. Turns out these two numbers match up though and the 140 ‘hidden’ items in this count seems to be tools, software and videos.

But my profile count is 1006
While my old library menu count was 1008
This count does not include games like Dirty bomb and Planetside 2 and many other f2p games I don’t have installed. Those games ARE there in the full list for the beta client. But if I search my library for F2P games I get 36 of them which puts me with about 10 games deficit to my old count.


Thanks @TR3NT you’re the real MVP.

@Fraggles Linux users have already mentioned the proton thing, it’s how I found out. I haven’t and won’t be installing the beta to test it because I dont have time to try out new GUIs right now, therefore my feedback is pointless.


Now that the new UI has come to fruition, what do you all think of it? I personally can’t stand it because I used to use compact mode or whatever you would call it for my games where they would basically be in a detailed format but quite a bit larger than the sidebar with the small details and icons. Also I can handle change, that’s not the issue, the new one looks kind of nice, but the large images of games you have to scroll through makes it more tedious to find out which games you want to play or even have installed. Being able to tell which games were installed and which ones aren’t is a nightmare. It’s impossible to see the download button especially on white backgrounds. It seems until valve gives an option, if that will will ever happen, to choose the older steam UI, I will basically either have to get used to it or just rely on the side bar which is not great either but I will take it over the large game images. If there is a patch or something to fix this or a certain skin for steam to revert it’s current state to an old one, please let me know. I don’t want to use files from someone randomly off the internet because that can definitely not be trusted. Never know what your really getting. If there was a way to get the compact mode as I was describing earlier or if someone can correct me on the name go ahead, then I would have no problem with the new UI for the most part. I know you can change the size of the image, but that doesn’t fix the problem. Getting rid of the different view modes was a really awful choice. Getting rid of customizable features is never a good idea. So many people are complaining about the new UI and I can see why. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. At least give an option to use the old UI. Then everyone wins. I’m not even really sure which features are new. In order to even find out how to change the image size you have to go into settings. That makes no sense. There should just be an option right on the UI to change it, like the old steam had. It baffles me why valve thought this was a good idea. Were people not giving input on the beta? That would have been the time to tell valve that it’s a horrible idea to change the UI, or at least changing it quite drastically. That’s enough of my rant. What do you all think?



I think it’s doodoo! :smiley:


There is a button to restrict the library to only show you games which are ‘ready to play’ meaning they are installed on the machine.

Picture being uploaded shortly to clarify what I mean.

Without the filter on

With the filter on

The little blue play button next to the dropdown is what you click on.

As a side note nobody can judge me for my choices of categories… I am still working on my entire library 30%'d challenge.


You can’t be serious.

You could select multiple titles at once just fine before. You just, you know, selected multiple titles and assigned them all categories. They used the standard “square in checkbox” to indicate if only a subset of the collection was put into a given category.

As far as I can tell, they have removed the ability to easily set multiple categories, which is what I typically do. Say I finish a game as I did today (.projekt). Now I want to file it away so I can find it again even if I don’t remember the name. So I want to put it into several categories: puzzle, length: 2-6 hours, perspective: isometric, perspective: forced, etc… I used to be able to do this by just opening the category submenu and checking the appropriate categories.

Now I’m dragging this one game into five category tiles, over and over, on a screen that won’t scroll once you’ve grabbed the title of interest ffs. There’s a category submenu, but it goes away after a single selection so you have to do that all over again if you go that route.

Somebody tell me I’m missing a better way to do it, please!


I am still getting used to it. I like how patches/updates are more noticeable now. I also like the new games pages.
I dislike the fact that some artboxes/covers still do not fit the new view (aesthetics).
I do not like the fact that, with shared library, we have absolutely no option to view just our own games.


I’m confused as to why Small Mode was removed. I don’t need Large Mode for most of my Steam usage. Having a choice of both doesn’t seem harmful to me. Were there any plans to revamp Small Mode, so they’re removing it now to… Do something? (Yes, I’m using the command line arguments to force it to start in Small Mode, but this is a workaround and not a solution at all.)

Also, why is Invisible status removed from Friends? I noticed they didn’t remove it in the system tray icon context menu, but… What was wrong with Invisible status?

This revamp seems more like a forced Candidate-Release (past Beta), rather than continue to let people opt-in to the Beta until it’s actually polished and ready. My computer (not a potato) also seems to require more time to load graphical elements in with the new Large Mode UI (both Store/Library). I’m not quite on-board with this.


still there for me :man_shrugging:, steam is weird :thinking:


What the?! When, how, why… At what point did it suddenly return without notice? I didn’t get any patch update or anything! I swear I lost the option to go Invisible, and yet I see it now! Does VALVe do A-B testing in Steam? No, right?


From what I remember that was only an issue in one of the earliest builds of the public beta, it was re-enabled in the first few days several weeks ago.


Nope, it’s just shit.

Welcome to the new Steam library!

I’m with you and I think @Fraggles is nuts on this one lmao


That’s just you two failing to understand my point of view. As I said I tried sorting into categories when they were first introduced many years ago and whether I was mistaken at the time or it was fixed later I came to the understanding that multi-selection was not possible. I did not try that again until this new iteration of the UI and was delighted with the possibility, having not been aware that it’s been possible for a long time.


Nah, I feel you, I’m just messing. Wondering if they could keep the old functionality as well as the drag-in-drop they have now. Fingers crossed.


What I want to know is why transparency in game icons isn’t displayed correctly, even for Valve’s own games.