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State of Mind - 6/13/19 - $14.99


Today’s deal is State of Mind!





People who aren’t too jazzed about the prospect of dying someday always say that if they have the chance, they’ll absolutely digitize their consciousness into a computer where they will live for all eternity. First of all, wow, very bold futuristic prediction, Mr. Musk. Second, how do you know that walking around in a computer world is anything like walking around in the real one? Haven’t you played Second Life? That shit is WEIRD, yo! Our brains evolved for millions of years just to exist on Earth, and now you wanna toss it into a glorified VR Chat forever?

And another thing: Don’t you realize data is editable? What if you digitize yourself into a PC and suddenly someone programs you to look like bad movie Sonic? Or what if they change your favorite food to bull testicles? Did you ever consider the possibility that you could become a furry blue testicle-eating maniac with bad teeth? Maybe to some that sounds GREAT, but for others, if you can’t go back to the real world, who’s gonna stop someone out there from messing with you?

Now granted, this is an extreme and largely nonsensical version of what could go wrong, but if you want a more serious look, we got some great news for you, because today’s game State of Mind explores this exact idea. Plus the dude who voices Geralt is in it, so if you love that guy, maybe you’ll love this! So buy it, and next time, maybe you’ll think twice before you jack in and upload your brain into a machine willy nilly just so you can collect rings and slam Rocky Mountain oysters for thousands and thousands of years. Sorry for this visual, but those small hard teeth gotta be good for something.

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