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Stat Easter egg ;)



From an update to my game that I’m currently working on, since I noticed the stat page was fairly useless for most players…What do y’all think about it?


Looks good @yitzilitt. :slight_smile:


I can only spot a potato, no eggs.


Aww, thanks! :3
I’m very proud of my bad jokes


Alas, a true tragedy…



Definition of myself


sloth = hairy potato



While this may sound mean at first, the picture of “Creepy bald guy” withouth a smile seems to me like he’s remembering the old great potato war where all his family was boiled to death.

Thing is, that’s a extremely good thing for my strange taste. I really like it.

Does the game have equipments, clothes or similars? Because they give a lot of room to add silly jokes and such.


It has items, but obviously those have some spoilers, so I won’t share them here :wink: