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Startup Company - 2/19/18 - $5.49


Today’s deal is Startup Company!





You know what’s romantic? Starting your own internet company and making a gross amount of money. I mean, it’s a freakin’ shoe-in, right? Just come up with the right idea, and the entire world (wide web) is your oyster! And you know what’s even better? There’s tons of rich people out there who are dying to invest! What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Well, as anyone who lived through the cartoonishly named “Dot-Com Crash” will tell you, a-freaking-lot, actually.

But don’t let that kill your dream just yet, ya wet blanket, you! It’s 2019, where you can be anything you want while still living with your girlfriend for nine years in a tiny apartment, scraping together enough money to finally start a family! That’s right, for less than the price of two boxes of Super Mario Cereal, you can SIMULATE what it’s like to work at a web startup, without all the risk that can send you back to your college years for another decade!

Create a “website”! Design and build your “office”! Hire the right “people” for the job! Succeed or fail, doesn’t even matter! And you know, we’re not crazy, we realize that actually starting a business requires much more effort than this, but if you thought this game could have that much fidelity while still being fun, you probably used Geocities all the way until the bitter end! Buy this game, and get all the fun without any of the existential Black Mirror-esque dread! Pretty good deal, right? All we’re missing is an Instagram wall!

The official trailer for Startup Company:

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hmm :thinking:, not seeing any “legal disclaimers” on their steam page ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
does this mean if i spend 5.49 on this Startup Company practice that my next irl startup company is guaranteed success ?! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

*faint voice of sanity in the back of the head: “No Gnuff, of course this wont make you a billionaire… probably”


This guy never played a strategy game in his life xD

Same for this guy.

The game is far from feature complete and its more a glorified clicker game than an actual management game.

There is literally no strategy.

Its just

Hire workers -> put them making the right stuff -> upgrade your stuff -> rinse repeat
Hire sales person -> and keep making new contracts every ten days.
That’s all you do.