Startrek Online Humble Exclusive Pack (Free)

Just go to the Humble Bundle Website, click on any of the bundles that are currently available, and scroll down where it displays the above-copied location, if you are logged into Humble, your email will already be in there, you just click Submit and the key shows up in your Humble Key list with the following message:

I am glad to see that the key is good for more than 2 years… :slight_smile:

By the way, anyone here play this game? Want to share your thoughts?


“Thank you for purchasing the Humble Book Bundle: Cookbooks by Chronicle.”

I did get the game key I just thought it was amusing that it went with the bundle page I was on. :ok_hand:t4:


Thanks. Got it.

“For the first time, Star Trek Online players will be able to create a Federation Captain from Star Trek: Discovery and join forces with Starfleet Academy Cadet Sylvia Tilly, voiced by Mary Wiseman. Age of Discovery’s first installment will also introduce a new Discovery era tutorial, two episodes, new Reputation Tiers, a new queue (now referred to as a Task Force Operation) and several other new gameplay features.”

I used to own a bunch of the Star Trek games. Of course they were on floppies…LOL…So…

But to be real, I never found a ST game that peaked my interest. They just seemed boring compared to the TV shows. I never found them fun.

May have to give this a little spin. Out of ST:Discovery Tilly is the only one I really like and it got too dark for me and I quit watching it. I liked The Orville better.


I played it on console, I didn’t really care for it. I know this isn’t relevant but there’s also a game called Marvel Heros Omega, I thought it was going to be like DC Universe online but it sucked. When I first got my PS4 I actually played that game a lot. (DC Universe Online) It eventually got boring. Anyway, that’s what I was hoping Star Trek and Marvels Heros Omega would be like, or better.

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