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Star Wars KOTOR I & II - 5/4/19 - $2.50/$2.50/$5


Today’s deal is the KOTOR Series! May the 4th be with you!




Justin Timberlake was tired. It had been 3 or 4 days now since gifs of his face began flooding the internet like they do every year this time, and honestly, he was just glad it was almost over. Sure, he had millions of dollars and pure love and screaming fans followed him everywhere he went, but “It’s Gonna Be May” time was always a strong reminder of how weird being a celebrity can really be, and it weighed on him. He decided to wear a little hoodie disguise and do something normal like go to the store.

As he walked through the parking lot of the giant Whole Foods in Pasadena, it seemed like the disguise was working. No one was bothering him, and just for a few moments, the mundane became exquisite. He began to think about what he wanted to buy, maybe some nice premade kale salads from the market, or some type of probiotic energy shot, when suddenly, he looked up, and he was only about 20 yards from the automatic sliding door.

A smile spread across his face and a warm feeling filled his heart. Justin skipped the rest of way, and he waited for just the right moment, when no one else was close enough to the door to mess it up. He hadn’t been able to do this for twenty years. He raised his long sleeved arm to the door, and lightly waved his hand towards it at the wrist as he slowly walked forward. “May The Fourth Be With You”, he said. Knights of the Old Republic is on sale.

The official trailer for the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - Sith Lords:

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KotOR 1 > KotOR 2

This has been the @CptMold hot take of the day. Thank you for your time.

Now, for a PSA on this old game: turn off frame buffer effects to fix the game crashing after character creation, enable Vsync or cap to 60 FPS if you find yourself unable to move from time to time. Neither of these problems pose a risk to your save file.

I don’t need to say anything more. It’s KotOR. There are plenty of people who are way more qualified to talk about this game than I am.


tbh I always thought the acronym was KOTR because I’m just dumb oops


HK-47 :ok_hand:
good game :ok_hand:

that is all :+1:


For some reason I can’t buy the bundle, I keep getting an error message. I tried 3 times.


If you shoot an email over to I’ll help you out asap :slight_smile:


I just did.


I got it.


hot take but also the most popular one. I’m torn though. I love both of these for very different reasons.

I think I might play through KOTOR 2 again with the lost content mods added in, just to get the full experience.