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STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ - 1/21/19 - $2


Today’s deal is STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™!





Not to sound like a total cliche, but a lot can happen in five years, you know? Like, remember when Sony got hacked for pretending to send Seth Rogen and James Franco to North Korea for that movie The Interview? That was a HALF A DECADE AGO, isn’t that crazy? It feels like it was yesterday. But what’s even weirder is when you think of all the unexpected ways something like that rippled outward to affect us. At least one dude got fired because he was so racist towards Obama (remember that guy?), and even more insane, leaked emails about Spider-Man directly resulted in the shared arrangement he now has that allows him to be in the MCU! (It’s true, look it up!)

The point is, time moves fast, and even when you do something as crazy as defeat a Sith Lord and his giant space army factory, you can never really predict how the rest of history is going to play out. Will the Jedi triumph and good return to power in the galaxy? Will the Sith come back into power and start the whole process over again? Will SpaceSony and SpaceDisney share the rights to T3-M4 so that he can be a part of the Calrissian Pictures Cinematic Droidiverse?

Unfortunately, we’re not gonna spoil it for you here, that wouldn’t be super chill to do, but we will say that Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is on sale today for just two measly Earth dollars, so you can find out for yourself! Just don’t email anyone about it, especially if you’re a studio executive and you think Brianna’s acting like “a minimally talented spoiled brat”. Google this joke, it’s really good, we swear.

The official trailer for STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II - The Sith Lords™:

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Oh my gosh, $2?! I want it so bad! Good deal!


Okay so you guys listened pretty well, and despite staying strong for over a year, I’ve made my first purchase on Chrono. Seems silly but it feels like the end of an era. :confetti_ball::tada:


It’s about time!!!


one door closes, another opens
welcome thee, Chrono shopping spree



Lol it will likely be another several months before I buy any other games in general. Too much backlog first, and a couple dlc/expansions to consider buying first.


y that’s what i tell myself every few weeks too right after i again fail to do exactly that…


Picked it up, despite not having even started the first one from last deal. Price was too good, ratings were too high. Still, I feel a vague sense of hesitation to start playing, a lot of the Star Wars games (partially due to being a product of their time, but SW seems to particularly show it) are notoriously painful to navigate. Everything had to fit on a disk, so texture reuse ran high, and combined with some lazy level design, that meant different parts of the game map could be literally indistinguishable from other parts. This was also a time of “night vision goggles == green filter”, so coming upon an unlit room or passage could mean mashing the keyboard and hoping for the best.

But also lightsabers, so…


I’ve played on GOG and on my bro’s FS. The game is great. One of the greatest RPGs of all time. Bioware’s finest. This game is being held hostage by EA, that’s how good it is.

The game looks extremely outdated, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from appreciating how good the story and character narrative is. The level designs are very intricate for their time, and you see it even in the prologue. I think you’ll like it a lot if you can get over the graphics*.

*there are graphics mods for those who can’t. They won’t make it look like the Witcher 3, but it’ll vastly touch up the textures and models in some cases. Plus, there’s a 1920x1080 mod still for the GOG version (though you don’t need that anymore for Steam versions as I hear it).


SOOOOOOOO. Did you get it?:thinking:


Nah, I had to buy speakers because my onboard sound is buzzing, and this was just after buying a new GPU. I’m strapped, but I think will bring it back and I’ll get it then. If they don’t bring it back in a few months, by the end of the year for sure. :relaxed:

I’ve beaten it before though, so no big rush. Just really love the Star Wars universe/KOTOR games. :blush:


Time is of the essence… has anyone gifted you that game yet? I’ll buy it for ya, free of charge or trade. Just respond back ASAP!


Nope, none one has, I was hoping to trade the HB games I have for it, but I don’t think anyone’s interested in them. If you are, I’d love to trade for a copy for sure! :slight_smile:


You’ve got mail…


Thank you so much for your kindness GeekInUndies! :blush: I think it is about time I retake my Path as a Jeth (a Jedi-Sith variant xD) now.


I’ll have some screenshots up soon (installing, but cold has done such beautiful wonders on my old cable). I normally don’t like picking “bad” options in games, like in The Old Republic Online (which I loved), but for some reason I didn’t mind doing it in KOTOR/KOTOR II. The Light/Dark (Jedi/Sith) options seemed like I wasn’t picking really cheesy extremes so it wasn’t a problem, if that makes sense. lol



WOW! I go away for a few…and Magic :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks for the recommendation. It’s not specifically graphics that’s the problem (most of my favorite games are pixel art), it’s more a combination of few textures, textures on objectives being similar to textures on ambient props, and poor level design. Jedi Outcast is from the same time period (and don’t even get my started on older titles) and as much as I enjoy swinging a laser sword around, there are times when the level designers were obviously drunk and thought mazes in the dark were fun. I still plan to give both KOTORs a go (especially now that I got them both for fantastic prices), I’m just going to be pleasantly surprised if they don’t suffer from “I have no idea where to go now” syndrome.


I’m happy to say that Jedi Academy has aged much better. Even at the time, JKO’s level design was convoluted.

Remember, those guys made Hexen. Obtuse mazes put them on the map.


A wonderful place to put this… (from a musical that is either overused or underappreciated depending on where you are).