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Star Valor - 3/27/19 - $6.50


Today’s deal is Star Valor!





Don’t get me wrong, we think the idea of space is pretty cool. We here at Chrono definitely appreciate all sorts of sci-fi and space fantasy shenanigans. Light-sabers, space magic, laser guns, bigger laser guns, giant laser guns that shoot crazy light show explosions and create supernova blackholes…they’re all a bunch of crazy cool ideas. I mean, even aliens! That idea of aliens is a bit scary, but totally rad. But it’s definitely just that. An idea. Right?

Look we’re just saying, how many of you have actually been to space? What’s got you so sure that our big ol’ planet isn’t surrounded by some sort of forcefield that’s giving us a super fancy, big blue projection to stare at all day? It even changes color to keep us from questioning it. What, are you going to tell us the sky changes color for an actual reason? Pffft. Next you’re going to say something crazy like “The Earth is round,” or “Bulbasaur is better than Squirtle.” Look, everybody knows, it doesn’t matter if Bulbasaur is super effective against Squirtle, Blastoise has freakin’ GUNS. Big ass water guns like, how can you even fight that???

ANYWAY, we’re not here to burst anyone’s bubble or make any of you upset. If you don’t want your crazy super duper unrealistic fantasy about “moon landings” and “stars” and “galaxies” shattered then we won’t press you. We even got you a super tight sci-fi game for today’s deal to prove it. You can fly your fancy super totally real spaceship and explore the hyper-realistic definitely not fake galaxy and we won’t say a single thing, because we just want you to be happy. And how could you not be happy when Star Valor is only $6.50? You’re welcome.

DISCLAIMER: Dudes, space is totally real we’re just joshin’ y’all. The Earth is most definitely round. Probably.

The official trailer for Star Valor:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest Star Valor has ever been individually discounted according to Nuuvem, previous low was $6.50 on Steam.

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