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Squad + OST - $19.99 - 5/12/19


Today’s deal is Squad + OST!





Well, fellow gamers, it just so happens that this fine Sunday, it’s once again time to honor that special person who undoubtedly brought you into this world, and who you almost certainly have an incredibly complex relationship with, your mother. And you know, a lot of ideas ran through our heads about what we could do for you today to make this holiday extra-special, but we figured our best move would probably be the safest: to put a game on sale for an extremely low price. And so, this Mother’s Day, buy your mom a copy of Squad, the large-scale team-based tactical FPS.

And you know at first you might ask yourself “Why this game? Did they forget it was Mother’s Day until an hour ago and try to cover up their mistake?” The answer is hell no, this is the exact game we meant to sell on Mother’s Day, and here’s why: first, numbers. A full game of Squad has 80 players in a 40 vs 40 scenario. This is perfect for your mom, because when you’re surrounded by people who want you dead, who better to turn and see by your side than your own mother?

And that’s only the beginning. Squad also has a base-building system to help you build up your defenses and better survive attacks. Isn’t that perfect symbolism for mom putting a roof over your head? Right? And Squad also has “a world-class in-game VoIP system that allows you to talk to other soldiers locally, internally in your squad, between squad leaders, or squad leaders to the Commander,” and who’s the best person to communicate with when it feels like the whole world’s coming down around you? That’s right, mom. So buy Squad for you and mother today, we planned this for sure, and Happy Mother’s Day from!

The official trailer for Squad:

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As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


Well I just build a PC for a family member. Good time to get them Squad? They never played a FPS game before on PC though, gotta convince them keyboard and mouse ain’t that bad once you get know it! :laughing:


I’ve wanted Squad for so long. I figured Post Scriptum from yesterday will scratch the itch I’ve had.

Now today, all I ask is “Am I a joke to you?” I’m feeling conflicted about this :persevere:


Squad is 10000000x better than PS (not knocking just talking base). You would like it better from that point. Far less bugs, more content, larger population, more servers, maps, mods etc.


You’re not helping friend :joy: I’m gonna have to think about it real hard; I already talked few friends into PS. I feel kind of bad telling now we need SQUAD too. :joy:


I would probably get this if I had a group of people to play with. Otherwise… Not so sure.


tbh I’m sure if you are playing for a while you will come across some dedicated people/groups and meet new friends to play on a daily or weekly schedule.