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Squad + OST - 11/7/18 - $20


Today’s deal is Squad + OST!

A portion of proceeds for today’s sale go to! Stack Up helps US, Canadian, UK, Australian, New Zealand and NATO allied military service members get through deployments to combat zones and recover from traumatic physical and emotional injuries with the power of video gaming.





You probably don’t even remember the movie from eight years ago that well, and honestly, we don’t blame you for it, but in the tv show The A-Team, there’s a character named Hannibal who makes all the plans, and you’ll never believe this, but his catchphrase is actually “I love it when a plan comes together.” The reason I’m mentioning a 25-year-old show in a paragraph about new games is multi-layered, like an onion, or an ogre.

Firstly, the A-Team is an Army Special Forces unit. In the game Squad, which we’re selling today for half price, you also play as a tight knit group of military fighters who work together. In the case of both the A-Team and Squad, once those characters finished their military service they, like anyone who’s served in the armed forces, would become veterans. That’s layer one. Layer two is that Stack Up is a charity that helps out veterans with the power of video games, and a portion of what you pay for Squad today goes right to them to pay for things like helping veterans cope with PTSD, deploying care packages, and sending veterans to life changing events like E3 and PAX.

But the best layer of all is the third, because a Stack is what you call it when everyone in your squad forms up in a single file defensive line along the entrance to a room just before you might breach with a flashbang grenade like the one in their logo, which is a lot like what you do in the game Squad, which again, we’re selling today to support this charity, and with this much thematic harmony perfectly floating around, we can kinda see where Hannibal’s head is at. We love it when a plan comes together, too!

The Alpha 12 release trailer for Squad:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.

GRID 2 - 11/18/18 - $6.00
GRID 2 - 11/18/18 - $6.00

Who are you and where did you hide Lonin’s body?



Edit: Just noticed it was linked in first post… derp.


I have nearly 300 hours into the game, still not bored (just gets a bit much on my old GPU). V12 beta is out for public testing (probably soon to be released as standard) and it is amazing fun (especially with fire teams!). This game is worth far more than $20, especially if you are a fan of Arma or Project Reality. And the soundtrack is superb!

Definitely get it at this steal of a price!


Wouldn’t you like to know :smirk::smirk::smirk:

Jk he’s not dead I promise. He’s just a busy bee so for the most part I’m gonna be taking over the daily sale posting. Might as well take this chance to introduce myself, so hi everyone! I’m Ernin8t0r! Chances are if you’ve emailed or messaged us for help in the last few months I was the one to respond. I love all kinds of games (esp roguelikes) and Gungeon is prob my fav game of all time. Feel free to let me know if y’all ever need anything, nice to meet everyone!



I’m a notorious flirter, don’t get me started :joy:

Nice to meet you! Why aren’t you “Termin8t0r”, though? :thinking:


Or why aren’t you “Vermin8t0r”?

Seriously, this was a surprised… :slight_smile:


I can’t seem to find what portion of proceeds will be donated to the charity. I feel like this information should be shared!


One third of the proceeds go towards


See that’s awesome, but why couldn’t I find that information anywhere? Or am I just blind and its plainly listed somewhere? haha


Alright, alright, just bought an extra copy for a family member. Gonna gift it to him as a surprise. The bonus is that some of the money goes to Stack-Up! :slight_smile:


It’s cause it goes with my name better! There’s a bunch of Vermin8t0rs and Termin8t0rs (I could never live in Arnold’s shadow), but there’s only one Ernin8t0r :sunglasses:


I see after Lonin was quietly “taken care of” after the lowest-pricing argument.

Good luck trying to take down Gnuffi. For every one that quietly disappears, ten more alts will take his place.


H-hi & welcome :blush:


Hi! Nice to meet you.


I like you already!


Likewise! Welcome to the cult…I, er…Mean…Club!:sunglasses:


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business: “lets make monies!!”, :money_mouth_face:
Chrono;“howbout we give money away?”
-cats in the office still knows how to business ? :thinking: :smile:
(word reached EA about this alien concept of yours, it’s said ambulances were called to tend to the board member’s getting heart attacks)
PS (ripping on EA never gets old) :joy:

silliness aside: you guys are awesome that you keep managing/deciding to sprinkle charity stuff in as part of your business & deals here and there :clap:
even if today’s game/deal/modern military shooters isn’t really for me, it still adds mental chrono "nice guys"points for my consideration on other games :smiley:
-love what you’re doing and how you do it, keep doing what you do :+1: :hugs: