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Squad + OST - 10/24/19 - $19.99/$38.99/$74.99


Today’s deal is Squad + OST!

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Hey gamers, welcome back to Dark Net, the show all about the internet’s scariest places. Sorry it’s been so long since my last upload, things have been so crazy over here. And thanks to all our Patreon patrons too, thanks to you I can now afford to UberEats lunch straight to my door every single day of my life. This Halloween, we’re gonna count down to the big day, so here’s number 7 on our list, the “Top Ten Real Life Unexplained Occurrences That Loosely Match the Themes of the Game is Selling Today”. Enjoy.

One time in the eighties there was an arcade cabinet called Polybius that everybody loved playing, but everyone was actually being STUPID because the government was straight up pranking those people HARDCORE. Imagine I’m smoking a cigarette and I take a drag and then I lean forward and at the same time I put it out in the ashtray to emphasize the weirdness of this next part, okay.

People kept telling each other stories about the men in black suits who’d come by when it was slow and sort of like, I dunno, COLLECT something from the machines that sure as all heck wasn’t quarters, and about how after playing Polybius for a while your head would hurt, and there are even whispers about suicides and lifelong insanity. FROM PLAYING A VIDEO GAME WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

The worst part of course, is the cabinets. The cabinets, tall black monoliths that all were seemingly marked as property of the U.S. government, have all vanished. So total was this vanishing of big spooky cabinets that a bunch of people don’t even think it ever existed in the first place. Luckily for some I guess though, there’s been a few photos floating around for years, and one doof even recreated a rom of the game from memory. Cool shit, man.

But speaking of games that probably could be used in some sort of deep military training, Squad is on sale again today, and as per usual, feel free to grab a whole bunch of codes so you can imagine what it was like in the 80’s to hang out with your buds and unwittingly share your play data with the CIA.

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UberEats lunch every single day for life? That’s… Quite an achievement.