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Squad - 7/24/20 - $29.99


Today’s deal is Squad!




The official trailer for Squad:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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I’m dying, and not because of a fart. :rofl:

Poor @Danacscott


Shows how much they know! Offer this squirrel Sekiro or an obscene amount of yarn, I may think about it.


Their new year road map reveals a lot of new content. It looks like they are finally going back to realism tactical gameplay rather than appeasing the casual crowd. I’m excited for the new stuff! I definitely recommend the game. :slight_smile:


And here’s @Rhyagelle’s review:


Another review I have to update! lol


There, updated the review!


Looks nice. As someone who played years of Insurgency and Project Reality ( Realism Mod for Battlefield 2 ) i can appreciate good tactical shooter alas it’s too expensive to buy out of the blue so another time i guess.


50 vs. 50? That’s intimidating. Wow.


The game is structured in such a way that you won’t see them like you do in Battlefield. There are points that need to be secured and taken, so squads will usually divide up and conquer, staying to their FOBs or attack points. They are only ever clustered if it is the last point and they’re defending, and so there is only one objective and FOB left.

It sounds like a lot of players, but it isn’t as bad as you might think. :slight_smile:


So large environment, tons of capture points/Forward Operating Bases, giant army of 50 split into smaller teams (no jazz hands! I’m NOT using the title!), and everyone is very much spread out doing their own thing, almost like social distancing, so the enemies you encounter are also in smaller groups then? Instead of say… A Lord of the Rings kind of terrifying horde fight with guns, which was what I was initially imagining then?