Sports Bundle at Humble

Holy cow everyone!

It’s a decent bundle this time around!

DiRT Rally is in the BTA tier! and Super Blood Hockey!

I am so excited!

(Too bad the Football Manager 2018 is only a coupon, but that’s okay)…


Thanks to @Punkster pointing this out, these two give the same key…

Bass Fishing and Hockey Management, totally related games, no doubt, 100%… You skate above the ice, dig a hole and go ice fishing while playing hockey I guess…


“Decent” and “Sports”

Pick one.


Not for me but I hope someone has fun with this bundle. Plus, the DiRT games are actually fun, especially with gyroscope controllers (like the Steam Controller). Although I did get whichever DiRT game it is that I have for free…


It may be worth noting that Sega Bass Fishing and Eastside Hockey Manager are both the same key and cannot be redeemed separately.

I don’t know if this is the case for any of the other keys but it is for those two.


Sega Bass Fishing is dope! I couldn’t care less about the other stuff but y’all need some Sega Bass Fishing in your lives.


Around €3 for DiRT alone is a great deal… uhmmm.

@Truly I’ve played Sega Bass on Wii, that game is made for motion controls. Pretty cool if you’re into fishing. I personally love fishing in any game, from WoW to Stardew Valley.


Good to know… I guess I just have to suck it up and activate the duplicate so I can have Eastside Hockey Manager… Fortunately this is in the 1$ tier… :slight_smile:

I bought Sega Bass Fishing kind of recently, hadn’t actually played it yet…


Humble doing it again, only one game that picks my interest, Super Blood Hockey, and the other I already have, Dirt Rally. Which means I would pay less by buying the solo game at steam even without discounts. :pensive:


motorsport manager is pretty good too if anyone cares to know


Not my sort of bundle, but some of the games are $30-60 at full price, so I guess if you’re into that sorta thing it’s a good deal!

I might grab it for Sega Bass Fishing though…


@Truly stop brainwashing people into working for your evil fish-killing enterprise of doom.

I’m watching you.


mumbles I don’t want Sega Bass Fishing, you want Sega Bass Fishing.


i actually sorta messed up on this bundle, tho not really “that bad”
at first glance it didn’t register that football manager was only a coupon, making me think it was a pretty decent value bundle (even if i wasn’t interested in such game), so i grabbed it “cheap’ish” snapish because why not,
theeen ofc it sorta quickly dawned on me… just a coupon :smile:
but still not bad for a mere 4.40$ i guess, suppose some of the spare games might still find a good home elsewhere eventually :blush:

hahah i just re-watched the entire Avatar series like last week or so :smile:


I already have Dirt rally and Bass fishing…that is really all I need. Steam has a few of the Nightdive Studios games on sale…Thinking about them…:thinking: Already have them on GOG.

The 7th Guest
The 11th Hour The sequel
Tender Loving Care
Starring the acclaimed British actor, and 2-time Oscar nominee, John Hurt (Contact, Love and Death on Long Island, Elephant Man) TLC is a feature-length film seamlessly combined with computer-game like navigation and interactivity.

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And they’re 80% off! Awesome! Thanks so much, for sharing with us. I’m saving my spare card money for another low-priced game, but will def be looking at these when I get paid haha (:

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They have a lot of stuff on sale…

They just remastered this:
Forsaken Rematered

They have been around since 2012??? Where have I been? In a cave???I like what they are doing. It sounds like what GOG did back when they were “Good Old Games”.
“Nightdive Studios develops original and innovative games with a strong emphasis on fun and rewarding experiences. We also specialize in finding classic, abandoned and forgotten PC games and bringing them back into the hands of gamers.”

Hey Chrono…I would like some OLD games too… Check it out… @lonin, @RaccoonV, @frst, and @dusty


I’ve got Bad Mojo Redux, Turok (1 and 2) and System Shock 2 from GOG.

Nightdive is really good at keeping old game intact and working on today hardware; not really remastering, more like videogame restoration.


Same, it’s the best side thing you can add in a game.

I shall kill them all and make the whole ocean an aquarium! …wait