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Spec Ops: The Line - 8/1/19 - $5.89


Today’s deal is Spec Ops: The Line!




Dear Chrono

I’m writing to complain about something that has recently happened to me as a result of your website. Today for my birthday my parents bought me the new Call of Duty, something I’d been asking for for MONTHS, by the way, and now six hours have gone by and I still haven’t taken it out of the package because I can’t stop thinking about the horrors of war, and the effect they might have on the minds of the soldiers. I have no other explanation for this than that something changed within me after buying and playing through Spec Ops: The Line here on

I was suckered in by my favorite voice actor Nolan North, but very soon after I began asking myself things like “why do we glorify things like this?” and “I should remember that some people go through this for real” and now all I can do is play baby games and satisfy myself with the notion of games as art on par with other forms like paintings books and movies. Life is infinitely more complex and it’s all cause I played the wrong game.

So please Chrono, if there’s any way to make me ignorant again, to erase from my mind these complicated feelings of fear and beauty and regret, show me how, so that I may play with the present my parents gave me guilt free. In the meantime, all I’ve been playing is Stardew Valley, and I’m beginning to forget which life is the real one and which one is on the other side of a beautiful digital veil.

Yours truly,

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Your choice of pic for the storefront. I see what you did there.


Good game but ive seen it for less


It’s an OKAY shooter. The 8h are a fair est. time to finish if you are rather casually playing or just taking it slowly, I’d settle with 6-7h. I honestly did not care for the story and found the ending to be a bad joke


kinda psychadelic trip as far as I remember, supposed to make you think about what you’ve done, I didn’t like it at all

For 6$ you aren’t doing anything wrong if you are into TPS, just get it for the gameplay and not the story.

It’s not an FPS, you should remove that review, might mislead people @Ernin8t0r

If you really wanna emotionally delve into the horrible side of war I can only recommend the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”. It’s not for you if you are sensitive to violence and gore tho.


I honestly did not care for the story and found the ending to be a bad joke

You probably think that COD has a good story. Oh wait, you actually do. This game is all story and if the message this game sends about war and war games just flew over your head it’s hardly fault of the game.


Anything else condescending you wanna let off? I don’t think that COD has a good story, it just serves its purpose most times. This game’s story is overrated and if you think otherwise you are easily impressed.


It might or might not be ‘overrated’ but it’s not a ‘bad joke’ and ‘dont get this for the story’ stuff. It sends a powerful message which tbh few devs and publishers out there has balls big enough to do and that’s really commendable .


I hope how you can see that this is expressing a personal opinion and this forum allows for free speech, I did not enjoy the game for the story and I would not recommend it for that reason to anyone who isn’t into TPS.

It’s not about having the balls to do something here, but about what’s popular. Usually “war is great” is what’s popular in games, they had pretty massive media coverage due to not sticking to that, it’s not brave, it’s self-marketing content. The same concept as with the game “Hatred”, which stuck to over the top violence to get that coverage. The idea is maybe commendable, yes, the execution is at best mediocre and I won’t praise a game for something I did not find executed well.