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Space Mercs - $4.99 - 2/20/2020


Today’s deal is Space Mercs!





Hey there, small insignificant recruit. We’re not sure what other space combat game you’ve been playing, but now you’ve found yourself mixed up with Space Mercs, and lemme tell ya, this ain’t your daddy’s space sim. Bacioiu Ciprian doesn’t put his name on just anything, ya dig? And he’s not going to sugarcoat it by calling the game some high falootin’ nonsense like “Omega Wing: Call of the Galactic Spire” because he believes what all space mercs do, which is that “it is what it is, bintch”. So let’s get into it.

You think you’ve seen ships? I have gills that I vibrate horns sounds with instead of a mouth, but if I were a human, I’d say “Don’t make me laugh, bintch.” You thinking you’ve seen ships is like an ant walking over a crumb of Hot Cheeto and thinking they’ve eaten a whole bag. You think you know dogfights? How about 500 ships blowing each other up all at the same time, clear across a whole sector? If you were a Gillhornian like me, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from uttering our colloquail expression of amazement, “Hooooooooooooooot, bintch.”

In Space Mercs, you’ll face thousands of projectiles on the screen at once. You don’t need frills because these fights are so hardcore, you can’t even use a mouse! Of course, I don’t have hands anyway, more like an undulating mass of different length tentacles that you mash an old Xbox 360 controller into, but trust me when I say, this game kicks your old space combat game’s butt. Not literally though, of course. Gillhornians immediately evacuate their organs if you kick them in the butt, which is obviously not pleasurable to anyone involved, but it’s a turn of phrase, you understand. Now… in the words of the great Baciou Ciprian, “get out there and blow up some ships, bintch!”

The official trailer for Space Mercs:

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Game being friendly on low-end hardware, and coffee break design appeals to me. However, I do feel a bit disappointed from the lack of mouse support and multiplayer. Still… I’ll bite.