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Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition - 7/23/19 - $11.99


Today’s deal is Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition!





You never were a big fan of the fine art world, it just wasn’t really in your bones, but as you move through the giant metallic overgrowth that is the Space Hulk, sometimes you just have to step and think on the greats. The way the blood unevenly coats the bulkhead suggests a movement of vivid life and potential, but the shattered genestealer mandibles scattered around the floor perhaps suggest something a little more foreboding, and not just because Deathwing are the biggest scariest bastards this side of space.

Sure, people hear the phrase Deathwing, and it’s almost like some notorious biker gang who rules by fearsome reputation, but when it really comes down to it, there’s much more finesse to the job than anyone knows. It’s not enough that you curb stomped this disgusting and complicated-looking space bug in the middle of the room, because the way you did it, the way its sharp body is contorted on the floor like the fossil of some long lost missing link, frozen in some sort of ancient leap even as its skull is shattered and explodes with blood like a starburst from where its head meets its neck, there is beauty there.

And really, this is all about beauty; the dance between victory and defeat that makes even your blood boil, way deep down there in that giant lobster box you call a body, a force of energy and nature that grips with its bloody and unbelievable lust and holds you in its thrall until you’ve paid the toll in genestealer corpses. If there was somehow a future where Space Marines were followed like fashion houses, the absolutely expert manner in which you and your comrades destroy the enemy would be looked at like Andy Warhol’s soup cans, like Halston’s single-piece patterns, like Chanel’s little black dress, except bloody and scary up in space, at the grimmest art opening ever made, where brain and blood flow like wine and cheese and every piece you make sells for millions of dollars.

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This matches the lowest Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $11.99 on Steam

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A rather unusual choice for the image on the main page?

Space Hulk: Door Closing Action!


My thoughts: This game is a good recreation of the 40k setting, lots of love has gone into the architecture, models and overall atmosphere. In terms of what you will get out of it, I think it (like many shooters) is really as much fun as you can have with the people you play with. On solo it is a tense fight, but largely overshadowed by the experience that you can have when others are present (especially since a lot of emphasis in the games own design is placed on teamwork, as one person has healing, one person has the “big gun” etc).

If anyone wants to create a Chronies plays group for this, I would be excited to join, but otherwise I would advise against space hulk. . . And it makes me kinda sad to do so.


You know how Xenos are hot garbage and a sin against the God Emperor?

The first installment was a sin against the God Emperor.

Then Enhanced Edition came out and it fixed almost everything, except the multiplayer, which is still full or heresy still.

The game runs surprisingly well now on vastly different systems. I have an i5-4690k, 16 gb RAM, 34" curved widescreen paired with my 390 DD and the game runs surprisingly well. I have a small laptop and this game runs fine on that too, surprisingly.

I’ll probably buy a copy of this game for my gf (she is rad) and play it with her. Multiplayer, from my limited experience, is definitely the way to go in this game.

If you don’t have friends…eh it’s hard for me to totally recommend it now, but it is pretty and does capture the whole ethos and atmosphere of endlesss war in the 40th millenia really well.