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Sonic Mania - 12/21/18 - $5.75


Today’s deal is Sonic Mania!





Greetings, folks! If you can’t tell from my face, I’m one of those big red bouncy springs Sonic always bounces on, and today, after years, I got an email from one of those tiny little walruses telling me that Sonic Mania was going on sale, and I sproinged at the idea of coming here to tell you about it, since I’m basically one of the only parts of Sonic’s world that has remained largely the same over the years. Trust me, if you skipped a few years of Sonic, but you remember exactly what that bouncy sound effect I make sounds like, rejoice: your patience has been rewarded.

Now I’m sure a lot of you out there are like “2D Sonic? But we’ve gotten like 6 different games where we tried that again, but they all kinda sucked!” Well yes, that’s true, and Sonic 4 especially hurt all of us, even me who has no face, brain, or limbs, but this is the first time we’ve had someone from the FANS’ side come along and make something that respects the love people still have for old school Sonic without just being a total rehash of what came before.

We’re talkin old sprites, old sound effects, old enemies, but seamlessly transformed Mario Maker-style into widescreen HD pixel graphics, with a bunch of all new stage designs inspired by Sonic history and made with actual care, reverence, and love. Believe me, it’s rare we get to play as a Smash Bros character natively on PC, but with Sonic, the Android to Mario’s iPhone, anything is possible. And honestly, even if nothing else convinces you, just being able to hear the songs in this game makes it for the price they want for it, so you might as friggin’ well. Enjoy.

The official trailer for Sonic Mania:

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woa… :hushed:
thaaat seem kinda cheap somehow… :thinking: -looks for overturned truck somewhere :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
dang, right on the sane day +cheaper than fanatical even :open_mouth: … dang it… said i wouldn’t buy games this christmas… :confounded: -iii’m a gonna have to mull this one over pretty intensively :face_with_head_bandage:

dang, you certainly weren’t kidding :smile:


Regional exceptions apply…( …only just though…).


dang, and here i thought brexit made everything more expensive, looks like you still get better deals on games than the union then :smile:


Well we both get screwed by Origin’s regional pricing on ME Andromeda, so there are some problems not even insane, xenophobic, self ball punching decisions can change…


A deal this good almost makes me wish I didn’t own this game already.



Happy to see SEGA support I’m also including Yakuza 0 of course.