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Some Random Key I Found in Gamecode [ENDED]


I found a random key on Gamecode.


:neutral_face: = 4 + 3 = ?

Soo i got a dlc code i guess....but to what!?
Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???
What Steam Keys do I have?

Seems someone has redeemed it, but what was it I wonder???


I dunno.


Maybe somebody will tell us if you add more question marks to that :slight_smile::grin:


@discobot, so what game did u snatch today huh?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.




would it be at all possible to have keys become a clickable link that we can see who clicks it (I mean can bots even click?). Of course that would require something in the forum to know how to decide what is a key or not or it to become an option for entering a key.

For example something similar to this but it tells us the first person who clicked, just an idea

Yek NeddiH



Could use something like , still wont tell you who clicked the link but once someone does you’ll know.


Huh, nifty service.
And for those who are curious about the contents, the note said this: "Congrats you’re the only one here who gets to read this important message."
Guess I’m not the only one now? :sunglasses:

There’s a way to check that:

  1. go to
  2. open your browser’s console (ctrl+shift+k or right-click+Inspect Element (Q) in Firefox; right-click+ Inspect Element in Chrome works too but I prefer the interface in Firefox) and go to Network tab
  3. check terms of service and click Continue
  4. a new entry will appear in the console, click that
  5. few tabs will appear on the right side of the console, click Response
  6. scroll down until you find “line_item_description”

In this case the result was “289046 complimentary reviewer package” which after a quick search turned out to be Athopiu - The Final Rebirth of Hopeless Incarnate with a bunch of DLC.





wait have you played town of salem?


Shhh… keep it quite godfather, they must not know :shushing_face:


I do like keeping things godfather