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Skautfold: Moonless Knight - 5/5/20 - $5.99


Today’s deal is Skautfold: Moonless Knight!






Yeah dude?

Do you think they get high in Japan dude?

Uhh, what? I have no idea, dude. Isn’t it like, a pretty big crime over there or something?

I don’t know, I think Paul McCartney got shot for having some or something, but I could be wrong. Dunno if that was an accident or on purpose or what, though…

Why the heck are you even asking me that anyway, dude? What the heck do you care if they get high in Japan?

Well, like, you know I love space…


Exactly, so like, you know how I always just like to look at the moon and stuff?

Yeah, you’re like, doing it right now.

Exaaaaaactly, exactly, exactly dude. So I was thinkin’ like, you know how everybody thought that like, the moon was made of cheese or whatever?


So like, if they didn’t have cheese here back in the day like we do…


What do you think the moon is made of when they get high?

Ohhhhh! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Now I get it!

Exactly exaaaactly, exactly.

Uh, well I probably think it’s like, some kind of Eldritch moon god that will someday hatch from the moon like an egg and destroy us all.

Exactly, exaactly, exac-wait, what? What did you just effin’ say, dude?

Exaaaaactly, exactly, exactly.

The official trailer for Skautfold: Moonless Knight:

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I think there might be an issue afoot.

Or did you only get like 5 keys or something? How much did you sell in 6 minutes?


We actually had -5…

Jk, looks like a weird bug on our end. Working to fix it now c:


Ahhh so that’s why. I was looking at the clock and the sold out button and was quite stunned. Wasn’t sure what to make of that.


Looks like it’s fixed now.


Thanks for fixing it so quickly!


Exactly exactly… I need a friend like this… When I make weirdly connected convos like this with bestie, she just stares at me blankly. :cry:


Am I doomed to only ever have like 23% achievement completion on Steam?