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Skater XL - 1/11/20 - $15.99


Today’s deal is Skater XL!





Hey kids! Get ready to game as BIG as you want with Skater XL! Oh? What’s that? You’ve never heard of it? Well let us tell you something: Skater XL is what they were talking about when they invented the phrase “something big” is coming! Don’t just shred on a half pipe, crush it into dust with a skate shoe the size of a Yaris! And that’s not because you’re actually huge in the game, by the way, it’s because Skater XL is so good, you’ll FEEL huge after you play it!

Have you ever done a nosegrind? Well, think again, because when a Skater XL nosegrinds, you can nosegrind things into dust: pets, people, small buildings, no one is off limits when you feel like you’re 80ft tall! Some people never recover from the damage they unleash. Which again, is not literally true of the game, but merely how one feels after playing it. That’s what we mean when we’re talking about being a Skater XL.

And can you imagine what it must be like being a Skater L? Rolling around on your 20ft board like you own the place when right behind you comes that righteous 35ft long Skater XL board to nosegrind into a Kool-Aid packet! Can you imagine? So just remember, people, when size doesn’t actually matter, SIZE MATTERS. Try Skater XL today. It’s gonna be HUGE.

The official trailer for Skater XL

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^you knew this was coming :wink:


When i was 10 skating was all the rage . I even learnt to do kickflip…sort of.


I watched VorticoseLine75’s featured livestream here on Have to say I’m not used to Skater XL’s camera angle (I get that it’s supposed to show off skating techniques more clearly like those trick videos), and I’m surprised this game doesn’t have keyboard controls (according to the Steam description anyway). I’m assuming the game is designed to require dual analog controls then. Definitely not the skating game I’m used to seeing.