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SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition - 1/9/18 - $4


Today’s deal is SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition!





Alright folks, let’s be real, Sim City’s a pretty cut and dry situation. Either your brain enjoys and accepts this type of super in-depth city management game, or it doesn’t, but you’ll never know for sure until you try, and people have spent four bucks on much much less, (Me, a Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken sandwich from Burger King) so why not give it a shot? However, we realize that high fidelity simulations can get a little Black Mirror-y and existentially upsetting sometimes, especially if you’re not familiar, so here’s a list of things that shouldn’t ever happen in Sim City. If you see any of this go down, you may need to see a professional.

-SimCity’s famous for its disasters, and yes, UFO’s are a possible outcome, but if your elected officials stop acting like themselves and you swear you’ve seen them scratching their necklines like their face skin is a removable mask, that’s the drugs, not the game.

-It is normal to want to construct the most perfect and efficient city possible. However, if the plans begin coming to you in your dreams, your friends are abandoning you, and you can’t keep the name Nyarlathotep off your lips, it might be time to stop seeing that weird priest you’ve been grabbing coffee with lately.

-In Sim City 4, you create regions which you can then build several connected cities in, but if one of the cities militarizes and begins systematically blockading and subjugating its neighbors, don’t worry, you’re not playing Sim City 4, you’re playing Civ 6.

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If this is the “[b]est city builder ever made - yes, even better than Skylines.” I’d like to see proof. Having played both, I have to come to conclusion Trinancrat is either a troll or has never played Cities: Skylines because C:S crashes less, runs smoother, has better gameplay, more choices, less annoying factors, and many more art styles/buildings.

I’m not saying SimCity 4 isn’t a great game - it was, for 2003. But Skylines has taken all the lessons learned from decades of city building and management sims and given us the pièce de résistance, the crème de la crème, 最好的游戏之一,literally the capstone built on the backs of many great city sims. I’m not discouraging people from buying SimCity 4, go ahead. Just remember there’s an extra 16 years of learning and development pumped into another title…


Actually, I can name plenty of people that still hate Cities Skylines. Plus, it’s a Paradox game through and through, even if they only served a publishing role: mod support, loads of DLCs and new mechanics since release, and even some good ol’ “your save is no longer compatible” shenanigans. Plus, being a city builder, things get rough on many computers as the full agent-based city expands in population.

It’s also worth noting that SimCity 4 is a legendary game. Even a decade after release, you could find it in stores. It’s robust, ambitious, and complex, and a decade of fan mods made it twice the game Cities Skylines could be at launch (not that it’s fair to say that).

It is going to take a while to sit down and learn, ESPECIALLY if you’ve never played SC before… but there is a good game under the dated interface, orthographic 3D camera, and weird early-3D engine that runs strangely on almost all hardware Supreme Commander style.

I am kind of playing up some false equivalence. I find Cities Skylines to be a much simpler and more enjoyable game, but SC4:RH? It’s a juggernaut of a game, and Cities: Skylines’ real saving grace was that the SimCity franchise was burned to the ground by a sudden UFO disaster.


That’s either good or bad depending on how you see that line :smile:


Well, I’m not talking about bargain bins or anything (thanks for pointing that out, really big distinction there). I mean ON THE SHELF. Speaking of which, I still have a boxed set for Rush Hour, receipt and all.

Reading the copyright year on the back of the box just made me feel really weird.