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Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - 1/30/20 - $11.49


Today’s deal is Sigma Theory: Global Cold War!



The official trailer for Sigma Theory: Global Cold War:

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not to be confused with ligma


What’s ligma ?


Drone strikes in video games are fun.



This is a classic knock-knock, who’s there. I say ligma, you say what’s ligma, and then I say ligma …

but I’m not going to say that, lol, u can google it if u want (and ofc there is the possibility u already know all that and just wanted to set it up right, lol)

I know it looks like I’m copping out, but I knew I wouldn’t go through with it from the start, even for a dabbing cat. The joke is too inappropriate for me to say it myself, but also too funny (in my mind) to not refer to it at all, lol.


most impressive!


Thank you, Kind sir. For enlightening me.

Now i shall return the favor by teaching you something of my own.

Do you perhaps know what the word “Hava” means?


I didn’t, but now I do, and I wish you the same, kind dabbing cat. :wink:


Hava nice day lmao got em