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Sid Meier's Civilization VI - 9/13/19 - $16.49


Today’s deal is Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI!





Economic Advisor:
Civ V has been and continues to be a great 4X strategy game, but let’s be honest, you know Civ VI is going to be an even better, more modern experience, and at 70% off, you’d be a dummy not to give it a try.

Foreign Advisor:
Civ VI has a much more depth and complexity than Civ V when it comes to less military focuses system, especially the way it gives weight back to establishing trade routes and encourages you to take a closer look at your cities than in previous games. All in all, if you’ve been playing Civ V for too long, there’s never been a better time to upgrade.

Science Advisor:
For a big modern game, Civ VI has surprisingly low minimum specs, meaning that lots of people who haven’t upgraded their rig in a while still might be able to pick this one up and start playing without having to. Even the recommended specs aren’t too demanding!

Military Advisor:
Build more long-range units so we can invade neighboring cities and protect our borders!

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wow what a deal!!
i bought it when it was in the humble monthly but haven’t really tried it because no one played with me
does anyone play this? is it worth playing without the dlcs?


Yeah, I got it from Humble too. I got another key from Fanatical, from one of their Mystery Key promos. Gave that to my son though, who’s never bothered to even try it. Sigh :wink: Think I prefer 5 though, as I have the complete set for that.


My issue isn’t that Civ 6 is a bad game. 6 is 6 because they didn’t feel they could milk Civ 5 anymore. Let’s face it, peak Civ was Civ 2, it was glorious and fun and had great expansions and mods and spinoffs (Test of Time and Call to Power, mmm). Civ 3 was an abomination that had to be aborted quickly, so Civ 4 reverted us back to Civ 2 glory but with updated graphics. Once people got on board with Civ 4 not being terrible like Civ 3, we all started migrating over from Civ 2, sales were up, expansions were released, it was a good thing. Progress was being made. Then devs were like: let’s do the same thing, but HEX. Yay Civ5? So we reset back to baseline Civ2/4 without all the extra systems we’ve grown to know and love from expansions; these systems get added back on in expansions, but it takes 4+ years for Civilization franchise to be whole again. At that point with Civ5, G&K, and BNW we are back to peak Civ…it only took a bunch of time and another $40-$120 depending on how long you waited for sales.

Now we have 6. As stated, we got the unnecessary reset, the slow readding of old systems and content we had, but this time it’s yet another $40-$120 to own it all. And after 6 main games, multiple studios, hundreds of devs, and 3 decades of development: they still have GARBAGE AI (even on Diety/Immortal), still have giant exploits (even in multiplayer), still have gaping holes in rendering code (causing graphical glitches, slowdown, and lag), and its a coin flip whether the devs will patch vigorously and close loopholes or leave diplomacy negotiations broken for 28 years!

All that to say, I love the franchise. It is the perfect blend of grand strategy but quick and addictive gameplay that keeps me playing 1 more turn. Civ 6 is far from bad, and if it’s your first Civilization game, that’s fine: jump in, the water’s fine. However, I’m jaded and tired of the constant reboots. Oh, your expansion added Golden Ages back in? Gee, thanks. I’m much more forgiving when they add totally new systems (like disasters) but they still managed to disappoint there because they had the opportunity to go full-scale Waterworld with global warming/flooding, or massive tsunamis that cause widespread coastal destruction, or gassy volcanic eruptions that asphyxiate entire cities, even just a big meteor that triggers atmospheric cooling (in addition to a giant crater) and large swaths of land near the poles becoming uninhabitable ice caps…instead it’s minor annoyances, not really “disaster”-worthy. I like the addition, I just wanted and expected more with the way the devs hyped up the new gameplay system.

P.S. the art style is fine, you silly gamers. If it really bugs you, go download the civ5 reskin mod from Steam Workshop. Art = subjective; doesn’t change the hard facts about the rollercoaster ups and downs we’ve had to endure playing this franchise. At least it keeps trending up…unlike the catastrophic drop in quality for the aforementioned RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise and its latest entries.


Like you could in Alpha Centauri, I might agree that Civ 2 is the best Civ game. But SMAC is the best Sid Meier’s game. We need a SMAC remaster, just to get some higher res art assets and possibly toning down the garish colours a smidge.


Definitely agree, SMAC: Alien Crossfire (SMAX) expansion made that game the greatest 4X of all time, especially once you learned how to quickly build your own units to keep the pacing fast. The terraforming, aliens, and ability to create water cities (Pirate civilization were so fun!) made it the best.

I still boot it up, it’s my most played 4X strategy game, probably 2nd most hours of any game (I have ~6000 hours in a MUD, so that’s probably #1). However, combined SMAC+SMAX+Civ2+Civ4+Civ5 I bet I have more than 6000 hours in Sid Meier games. They are very relaxing for me, sometimes I just focus on research or sometimes I just want a quick and dirty Bronze Age conquest victory. Or I try a scenario out. The scenarios are surprisingly awesome and fun, always have been.